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Celebrating a memorable anniversary

Yet another year gone…a year filled with love, togetherness, and romance! Anniversary is that important day in your life which not only celebrates the wonderful relationship your share with your life partner but also your victory over the hard times and challenges that you have faced! It is the time to thank Lord for the blessings that he has bestowed upon you two and wish for better years to come. Anniversary is the perfect time to let your partner know how much you love him/her for all those beautiful moments spent together and that you want to grow old with him/her. The satisfaction of having a fulfilling marriage and watching your relationship mature with every passing year is not only a heavenly feeling but something that needs the best of celebrations to rejoice.

With the days closing in, you must be wondering how to make your anniversary a memoir for lifetime! Well, not difficult at all …it just takes your love for your wife/husband to do all the right things at the right time. Firstly, you must have a solid plan to proceed with. Decide whether you want to throw a party together or it’s you who want to throw a surprise party for your partner. Once that’s decided, it’s time you plan the rest. Prepare a guest list, decide on the decoration, get the drinks, order flowers, and select the menu for the day. Whether you want to try out your culinary skills or want to order food…all depends upon your guest list. Select the right dishes, keeping in mind your partner’s preferences and choices.

Another great way of making your anniversary unforgettable for both of you is by planning it for just the two of you. Plan a romantic night out, a cozy dinner or a weekend trip out to celebrate your anniversary. You can also spend it at your home by getting the DVD of the first film both of you watched together and cooking all the dishes at home. Set the mood for a romantic candle light dinner and wear your best clothes to impress your partner. There is nothing like spending your anniversary in each other’s arms, repeating the promises of love and commitment!

When it comes to Celebrating a memorable anniversary, how can you not think of the special anniversary gift! With hundreds of them available in most of the shops you come across, the best are the ones which you feel complements the choice and taste of your love! A thoughtful give personalized just for your beloved is what he/she needs on this special day. A ring with your monograms engraved on it or an album filled with photographs of all the beautiful moments of your togetherness can make a wonderful gift for your partner on anniversary.

Last but not the least; anniversary is the time to plan for the future. Discuss further plans and talk romance on the special day meant for just the two of you…the day of togetherness!

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