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Hairstyles To Make You Appear Thinner!

Jessica is going to step into the threshold of high school. Like every teenager, she is also very excited about the first day of school. Even though, she is really confident about her dress, but she is not very sure with her round plump face. She thinks, whatever she wears, her face ruins her look!

What a pity! Is there anyone who thinks alike? Well, here are some dream-wakening tips for you on how you can make your chubby face look slimmer and thinner with the perfect hairstyle. Read on...

Look thinner with your hairstyle

Are you looking for a hairstyle, which can shed some pounds from your face, without actually losing it? Well, you must be thinking that it is not possible. How can a hairstyle make so much difference to your face as well as appearance? Believe it or not, hairstyles can make wonders to your look. Hair is the most precious accessory, which not only flaunts the look, but also says a lot about us. Let’s check a few tricks on hairstyles to make you look thinner.

Know your face: First try to know the exact shape of your face. Oval shape face is the most versatile face structure, which can carry anything. No matter if, your face shape is round, square, heart shape, or triangular, you should try to tone it down to oval shape. Choose a hairstyle, which can narrow your forehead and jaw line.

Keep it long: For the aforementioned reason, you need to keep your hair long. Yes, you have to say ‘no’ to short hairstyles. At least try to maintain shoulder length hair, which will cover the entire length of your face. Short hair can make your face look even rounder. Still if you do not want cascade like hair up to the waistline, you can choose a hairstyle, which will fall between your shoulder and the bottom of your ears.

Perfect cuts: Layers are the ideal cut to sober down your chubby cheeks. You also can go for some fringes, which can cut your cheekbone to make your face look more slender. Scatter the soft locks around your face, which can soften the roundness of your face more.

Add some height to your hairdo: You also can highlight the long-ness of your face by adding some volume and height to your hair. Just take some hair from the middle and tie them with a couple of clips in such a way that they make more volume and height to the hairdo. This will make your face look loner.

How about some color: If hairstyle is big factor in making you look thinner, colors and highlights are no less important for adding contrast. It is now proven that contrasts create thinning shades. But coloring the entire hair is not a good idea, until you are going to highlight your hair. You either can highlight your hair with streaks or can color hair with a soft shade followed by the highlights.

Side parting: Always try to side part your hair, as this kind of parting divides the roundness of your face, which, in turn, makes your face look thinner. Be it any cut, try side parting and you can see the difference instantly.

Smoothen your hair: Regular wash is not enough to look perfectly good. If you think that you can wash your hair and your hair will look good throughout the day, you are wrong. Products have an equal important role in making your hair perfect like that of the hairstyle. You need to give a smooth effect to appear thinner. Gels and creams are the best product to make your face slimmer. They can add volume where wanted as well as can sober down the rough areas.

These are the basic mantra of keeping your appearance slimmer with your hairstyle. No matter how chubby your face is, you can make wonders if you follow the simple tips.

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