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How To Make Father's Day Scrapbook

Have you thought of your father’s day gift? It is the day, when we can honor your father. It is the perfect occasion, when we can show how much he means to our life. Father’s day is celebrated in most of the nations in the world, but in different ways. Father’s day gifts are the common feature of father’s day celebrations. The more creative and unique the gift will be, the more its impact on your father. You can gift father’s day cards, crafts, scrapbooks etc to your father, which your father can cherish for his lifetime. Given below are some tips on how you can make scrapbook for your father on father’s day.

You need to buy a scrapbook first from the market. It is best to go for a blank scrapbook, which will let you enough freedom to customize it. Choose the cover page theme of the scrapbook. While choosing the elements to incorporate in father’s day scrapbook, you need to focus on things from his childhood to till date, including his graduation, first job, parties with friends, wedding ceremony, the birth of his first baby, promotion day etc. Select a number of photographs of your father, which will remind him of all the happy moments in his life. Now it is time to glue the elements with the respective photographs in proper order.


The things to include in the scrapbook can range from your father’s personal characteristics, his hobbies, his mannerisms, skills, and achievements. Start the scrapbook with a brief description about your father, followed by your relation with your father and his influence in your life. In this section, you have to be true to your heart, so that when your father will read it, he can actually identify with every word, written about him. Finally include all the aforementioned elements in the scrapbook one by one and decorate them with the snaps, coordinating with the descriptions. For example, if you are talking about his first car, attach a photo of the car with your father. Or if you are describing his graduation day, then you have to glue a photo of your father at that age.


Wrap the scrapbook with a bright gift pack and do not forget to add a little father’s day note with it. The moment you will hand over this unique gift to your father on father’s day, you will be amazed with the big smile on your father’s face. Your father may want to hide the moisture in his eyes but he will definitely feel proud of his kid.

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