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Junk food or healthy food: what is your pick?

If you allow your kid to choose between MacDonalds burger and mixed vegetable soup, what your kid will choose? Of course, we all know the answer. Now you try to make a choice between these two. What will you pick? Would it be different from your kid’s choice? No. Such is the temptation of junk food in our life. Almost all of us know, for a fact, that junk food has no nutrient value or little nutrient value. This is the main difference between junk food and health food. Well, if you ask the foodies about what makes them different, they would probably vote for the jazzy taste of junk food. They know that they are losing the health benefits of healthy foods, but when it comes to taste, they do not want to compromise.

The benefits and drawbacks of junk food:


  • While talking about the benefits, you cannot ignore the luring taste of junk foods, which make us go for them all the time.
  • We hardly care for our health, when we have to satisfy our hungry tummies quickly. Junk foods are easily available and they are fast to make.


  • Junk foods are made of more than 4000 artificial ingredients including preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and fake colors.
  • Junk foods increase the calorie level in our body. As most of the junk foods are deep fried, these foods increase fats.
  • Junk food stoles are generally located roadside. For this reason, several malicious agents like dust, pollution, pesticides etc can be injected in our body with the junk foods.

The benefits and drawbacks of healthy food:




  • Healthy foods are made of fresh ingredients like fresh vegetables and homely ingredients.
  • A very less quantity of oil is used in healthy foods, which provides least amount of calorie into our body.
  • As they are made of fresh ingredients, there is no preservatives.
  • Healthy foods are easy to digest.
  • You can find all the important nutrient values like vitamin, minerals etc. intact in the foods.



  • Well, you cannot really take out any disadvantage of healthy foods. However, the real foodies might argue that healthy foods are lacking in the interesting taste. 

After the aforementioned discussion, it is evident that junk foods have many disadvantages over healthy foods. If you think that junk foods too contain the goodness of vegetables, since they too contain lots of green vegetable ingredients, then you are wrong. The vegetable contents in the junk food completely lost their food value due to deep-frying and lots of preservatives. On the other hand, the nutritious foods contain all the required food values like protein, vitamins, fibers etc. For keeping the food value of these ingredients intact, you need to focus on putting on less oil and less spices, which make the foods least tasty. For this reason, people often go for the unhealthy junk foods instead of healthy but less-tasty foods.


Unfortunately, what tastes the best may prove the worst for our health. The choice is, of course, yours. Think if you need health or taste without health. Of course, there is no harm in trying the junk foods once in a week. But the effect of consuming junk foods once a week would only be negligible, if you eat healthy foods throughout the week.

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