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Kettle Grill: Best Barbeque Grill Made So Far

Who does not love barbeque, especially when they are made of your favorite meat? Ask any barbeque cook which is his/her favorite barbeque grill? Some would answer that kettle grill is the best barbeque grill, while some would vote for brazier grill. Basically, there are different types of grill, when it comes to barbeque, but you need to choose the one, which suits you the most. Read on to know more about some best barbeque grill.

Advantages of kettle grill: Kettle grill is the most popular grill among the outdoor cooks and barbeque cooks. It is the original American grill. So far, this grill is considered the best. Some important features, which have made this grill the favorite of all barbeque cooks, are mentioned below:

Kettle grill consists of a lid, charcoal grid, cooking grid, lower chamber, legs, and venting system while some models have wheels and an ash catcher pan. The specialty of this grill is its design. The grill is actually named after the lower chamber for its kettle-like shape, which holds the charcoal.

One of the great features of the kettle grill is its cover. This domed cover offers enough room for a greater amount of meats in the grill. Besides that this cover is safe for the amateur cooks and it helps in even cooking, no matter if you are cooking larger pieces or smaller prices. This cover has a grill for more efficient cooking.

The design of the grill is unique to distribute the heat evenly all around the grill. Whenever you will put the lid on the grill, its unique design resists the flare-ups from dropping grease, which, in turn, allow the heat to circulate evenly. The grill also can produce a flavor enriching smoke, if you add charcoal fire to the grill.

The kettle grill is available in a number of sizes. If you want to cook small amount of barbeque, then small kettle grill is enough for you. On the contrary, if you are cooking for a large amount of meats, then you can choose larger kettle grill.

The design of the kettle grill is also suitable for indirect cooking and barbequing. The venting system of the grill consists of more than one vent at the bottom of the clamber and at the top of the grill lid. If you want indirect cooking, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. First of all, pile up charcoal on both sides of the lower chamber. Place a pan full of water, at the empty space to one side of charcoal. Now put the food on the water pan for indirect cooking. Restrict the airflow for lower temperature.

In spite of all these advantages of kettle grill, cooks cannot ignore one disadvantage of this grill. Some of them do not prefer to place the coals at the fixed distance from the grid, since they want an adjustable firebox to adjust the distance of the fire according to the needs. However, the fact is, this distance is the ideal one, which prevents the meats from being burnt or ruined.

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