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Learn The Art of Calling It Off!

Siren wanted to break up with her long-time boyfriend. But she did not know how to convey it to him, since she cared for him. It is not that she did not love him, but she could not feel compatible enough with him. This is the main reason that she wanted to call it off but at the same time, she did not want to hurt him. She was so stressed with the breakup issue that she fell sick. When her boyfriend went to her place to visit her, she explained the whole thing to him. Of course, he was hurt badly, but he understood that they were not made for each other! That was the end of the relationship. Neither Siren nor her boyfriend is unhappy today, in fact, both of them are living happily with their respected partner.

Do you too want to break up with your boyfriend but still do not how to do it? Well, believe it or not, breaking up with your partner is really a hard decision, if you were in a serious relationship. But if you feel that this needs to be ended right here right now, do not delay. There is no need to stretch any relation, if you feel the soul is missing! However, before calling it off, revise your situation and expectations.

What is the reason of your break up: Many of us cannot make out whether the situation is good enough for breaking a relationship! The best way to judge it is to ask your heart. Do you still feel something for him or there is nothing left between you and him! There can be so many reasons behind a break up like infidelity, lack of love, communication gap, long-distance relationship, incompatibility etc. Ask your heart whether you can live without him or not and do accordingly. If you feel that you can sort out the problem, give your relationship another chance.

Be straight toy our partner: If you have taken the final decision to break your relation, you have to tell your partner in person. Many of us feel uneasy to call it off in front of their respective partner, may be they are afraid of their partner’s reaction. But breaking up on telephone or chat is not a good idea, since your partner, at least, deserves an explanation. Your partner should be the first person to know about this. Make sure that he should not hear this from anyone else.

Do not lie: Do not lie to your partner, while explaining the reason. Do not adopt the policy of blaming each other; rather explain the exact situation to him. Be it any other man in your life or your compatibility issues with your partner, you have to be honest. If your partner further questions you, which is very normal in such situations, make sure you should not sound rule to him. While explaining the reason, you should not tell your partner that he would find someone in his life better than you. At that of point of time, your sympathy can ruin the entire situation.

Select a perfect time and venue: If you are going to meet your partner to break it up, you should choose a quiet place. Avoid places like shopping mall or parks for breakup in order to avoid awkward situations. Invite a close friend at the venue, and tell and explain everything in front of your friend to avoid the unpleasant situations. Do not choose special occasion for breakup. And do not wear anything that day, which your partner gifted to you.

Always try to call it off with a happy note. After all, both of you will have to return to your normal life, where you have to move on and cope up with the breakup.

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