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Unique DIY Father's Day Gifts

Father’s day 2010 is knocking at the door. Have you already planned what to give your father on this occasion? How about DIY father’s day gifts? These gifts are all homemade and for this reason, their impact and significance is much higher than the readymade gifts. These gifts not only contain great emotional value, but they also bring your creative side to your father. Do you want to know how you can prepare the DIY father’s day gifts?

Father’s day card: Father’s day card is an indispensable thing in father’s day celebrations. A personalized card is all, in which you can express your love and care for your father with the appropriate words, pictures, and expressions.

Take an art paper first and fold the paper into half. On the inner side of the card, write “Happy Father’s Day” or “I Love You Dad”. Bold the letters with colors. Now it is time to decorate the front side of the card. This is where you can show your creativity to your loved one. To make the father’s day card, you can draw a painting on the front surface of the card. If you want to add a picture, glue it well with the card.

Father’s day gift basket: Is your father a foodie? You can give him a gift basket loaded with food items and drinks. Read on to know how to make a gift basket for your father.

First of all, arrange a big basket, in which you can store all the food and drinks. The things, which you will need in preparing the food basket, are ribbons, colored wrapping paper, cello tape, and glue. Keep the articles in the basket in the proper order, which you want. Choose the items according to the choice of your father. For example, if he likes sausages, then add different types of sausages in the basket. Wrap the items with the basket properly with glue and cello tape. Now you can decorate it further with ribbons.

Altoid iPod speaker: To make an altoid iPod speaker, you first need to dismantle the headphones as well as eliminate the speakers. Make small holes in the two playing cards. Attach the speakers with the hole. Now make a hole in the backside of the tin and pass the speaker wire through this hole. And reconnect the speaker wires together. And now add padding in the headphone. You can trim the cards, if necessary. The iPod speaker is ready.

When you will make father’s day gift, you have to remember the choice and preferences of your dad. Select the gift options, which your father would love or can use. Do not forget to write a personalized note with the gift, to make it even more special for your dad.

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