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How to look slimmer with your dresses

Not everyone has the perfect figure. You must agree that many times you feel that you have put off some weight, and when you pick your favorite pink top, it makes you feel fatter and uglier.


This is simply because your dresses and accessories play a major role in making you look slimmer and fitter.


If you are little overweight or cannot control your weight, you must know how you can shed away those extra pounds with your apparels and accessories. Read on..

Always go for the dresses, which fit your figure perfectly. This means that the dress should not be too tight or too loose, as they will make you look larger. Always go for dark solid colors, when you will choose your dress. Colors like Black, blue, maroon, or grey will tone down your figure to a great extent. Avoid bright color specifically on your problem areas.

While choosing the pieces of your clothing, you can go monochromatic. Choose one color with no patterns. This is the safest option. If you love to wear patterned dresses, you should go for the smallest patterns and consciously avoid the bigger ones. Bigger patterns always overlap and make an illusion of bulges.

If you love stripes, vertical stripes are the best for you. Vertical stripes along with diagonal lines will give you a fluid appearance. Try to avoid horizontal stripes. Asymmetrical and tiered skirts also make your upper portion look slimmer.

No matter, if you love pleats and frills, do avoid them. Instead, you can try flat plants and skirts. Frills and ruffles make you bulky. Low-rise pants are also good for you, if you put on some weight. They fall across your naval area and they give an impression of longer torso. If you want to wear a skirt, make sure that it falls just above the knees.

Avoid the dress materials, which shine or highlight in light, such as satin and velour. If you want to wear sleeveless tops and dresses, even if you have large arms, make sure to cover them with a light and sophisticated shawl.

Collar is also important to make you appear thinner. Do not choose the dresses, which block your neckline. Dresses with open collar, scoop necklines, and v-neck shirts will make the torso look longer.

Try to avoid sweaters and sweatshirts that are baggy, bulky and ruffled. If you need extra support, you can use undergarment foundations like shapers and pantyhose. Dark panty hoses can make your bulky legs appear slimmer. Try to avoid the patterned leggings. If you love wearing coats, make sure it matches with the color of your dress.

Accessories play a vital role to complete your look, and at the same time, they can shift focus from the troubled areas. Always choose bold accessories. Choose medium size handbags, avoid small or large bags. High heels are also the important factor to import slimness to your figure. Always match your shoes with your belt and skirt or pant. You must use thick waistband to hide your tummy. Always match your shoes and socks with the color of your pants or trousers.


These are the tips, which you can invest in your dressing sense in order to look slimmer and fitter than ever.

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