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How to select your shoes with your dress

You have picked up the best dress for the occasion and makeup is also rightly done. Wait… have you missed anything? Yes, the accessories…, and most importantly the shoes. You must have noticed how the accessories can change your look all of a sudden! The right pair of shoes is very important to complete your glam best look.


How do you choose your shoes? Is there any strategy or you simply pick the one, which you find near your hand? Well, choosing the right shoes according to your dress is an art. The more you will adopt it, the more you will excel. If it does not compliment your appearance, they are wrong for the occasion. Read on to explore the world of perfection…


First of all, your comfort level should be taken into consideration. No matter, how beautiful or luring the pair of shoes may appear to you, if they are not comfortable, they are not for you!


A general and safest option is black shoes. They go with all colors and cuts.


Loafers and flats are ideal for casual outfits while pumps and high heels are for formal wears. If you find these combinations really boring, then there is none to restrict you. Choose the vibrant colors and unique cuts and stand out in the crowd.


If you want to flaunt your feminine side and at the same time want to add drama to your look, choose a simple pair of stilettos and sandals. Choose stilettos with your jeans while sandals with your suits. Match the shoes with the colors of your outfit. But do not choose stilettos for places like parks and play ground.


Are you in a mood for a retro party, then you must select a halter neck dress or flared skirt. For this kind of dresses, you have to surrender to sling backs, stylish pumps, and D'Orsay style shoes. Tight fitted dresses are the favorite of many women. You can look your best in the tight fitted dress, if you wear sleek heels.


Mini dresses are most versatile, since you can wear any kind of shoes with them. The knee-length dresses go with pumps, sandals, mules, and high heels. Pick up your shoes according to the occasion. If you are going to a formal party, team up the high heel sandals or stilettos with the dress.


You also can go for stylish boots with the small dresses. The mantra is simple. The smaller the dress will be, the longer the boots will be. If the dress is little tight, you can wear high heels like stilettos, but try to avoid boots. Chunky shoes are good for the dresses, which have longer hemlines.


If you are preparing for an evening function, you may pick up a long dress. Boots are complete no-no for the long dresses. Instead, you can use classy and gorgeous heels. Of course, color is an important factor in this. You can obviously match your shoes with your dress or gown.


Shoes and dresses should be paired strategically. If the flat shoes are great for comfort, the high heels can present you in your best possible posture. High heels can make you look taller and they can do right justice to your plus points.  

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