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Invite nature to your home

We all want to live amidst the freshness and tranquility in nature, but a very few of us are blessed enough to stay closer to nature. It is very important in this era of global warming to keep in touch of greenery and nature. You too can invite nature to your home in order to make it more eco-friendly. Mother Nature has a healing power, which can provide peace and serenity in our personal life. Read on to know how you can apply eco-therapy in your home.


Do you know that eco-therapy bestows a major impact on our personal relationships? It invokes personal healing. It brings us closer to the world of nature. It is now proven that nature has a healing power, with which it can cure mental and physical instability.


It is not always possible to make a garden in the indoors. But we certainly can make nature a part of our home by outdoor gardening. It is not only soothing for the environment, but also is profitable for our wellbeing, especially in today’s lifestyle, where we hardly get any chance to be close to nature in our daily life.


You can make nature a major component of your room décor. This is the easiest way to stay close to nature. Start with the wall colors. Choose a color or theme, which connects you with nature. There are many colors like green, blue, aqua, sea green etc, which are inspired from nature. Moreover, you also can find natural theme for your walls. Complete your room decoration keeping with the color.


For example, if you choose aqua colored walls, you can go for indigo colored tiles for the floor and bright oranges for room curtains. Beaded curtains will look best with the nature theme. When you will choose fabrics for your room, make sure to buy leaf printed fabrics.


However, there is no fixed rule that you should follow only a single theme for your entire home. You can obviously choose from thousands of nature themes for each one of the rooms in your home. You always have the leeway to play with different patterns as well as colors.


Only you should remember that the theme should be kept as simple as possible. The main aim of a nature theme is offering a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Over-decoration should not overlook your objective.


Plants can be your savior, if you desperately want some greenery in your home. They are not only soothing, but they also remove some chemicals and pollutants from the air in the house. You can place plants in your living room, at the stairs, at windowsill, and your bedroom, if it is really large. This can bring an effect of outdoor garden in your home.


Flowers and fruits are very strong elements of nature, with which you can decorate your home. We all know how flowers can be an effective part of home décor, but with fruits, you should be a little tricky. Choose different colored fruits and keep them on a decorated fruit container. Bamboo container is another way to naturalize your home décor.


With so many gifts from nature, you always can experiment with various elements of nature. Look for the attractive element, which is available naturally. For example, a beautiful and colorful pebble can be a wonderful home decoration item. Just add some pebbles in a decorative container and place it at one corner of your living room. They will do justice to the natural theme of your home.


Invite nature in your home and enjoy a refreshing and soothing life amidst of the serenity of nature.  

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