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Most irritating habits of men: Women are listening

If you are asked to name any three irritating habits of your man, you may come up to 30! This is the case of almost all the women out there. Most of the women love the bohemian, reckless, boyish, and messy side of their men, when they start dating. But when they actually go down to live with them, they find the same habits as irritating as anything!


Of course, there is a limit for anything. Too much recklessness for 24*7 is actually becoming irritating, when a man and woman live together. Men cannot stand women’s over-organized nature, while women cannot tolerate their laziness. This is a common human nature and you cannot help it. Here are ten most irritating habits of men, which you may come across. Read on…


Men are just messy: Men are messy. No matter what they are doing, be it cooking, combing, choosing shirts from the closet, or sleeping, they cannot go without messing up the entire setup. Hairs on the sink, towel on the bed, chicken all over the oven… these are the most common tantrums, which men throws at home.


Taking boardroom down to the bedroom: Your man must be doing this again and again in spite of your repeated discussions over this. They love to share their achievements and failures with you and they just love to do it! No matter, if you are in a mood for other things, they will keep on saying the silly office jokes.


They don’t know anything about privacy: Ask any man, what is privacy for them! Most of them do not know how to maintain their privacy in public. Scrubbing, itching, burping, eating food with mouth open… these are most common mistakes, which most of the men commit in public places. No matter, how you warn them not to do these things, they will not hear or understand.


Don’t know why they don’t want to shave: Believe it or not, most of the men are unwilling to be cleanly shaven. They can shave once or twice in a week, but if you ask them to shave regularly, most of them will turn their back at you. Some would say that they have another work to do while some would say that the beard is not grown enough for a shave!


Why always the wondering eyes: You are with your man and still he is staring at other girls around with wondering eyes. Every girl must experience this at some point of her life. You must be feeling irritating and terribly jealous that time. But you cannot help it, they are man after all.


When sick, they are babies: No matter how independently, they try to behave or act, when they fall sick, they are more nagging than the babies are. The more you will pamper them, the more they will act baby-like. This is a common nature of men. They behave like fragile, tender, and delicate babies, when they are sick.


He does not help in household chores: Whatever happens, you cannot move your man to do a household job for you. If at all, they are forced to do some household chores, they will always end up in messing up the whole thing.


He goes on surfing the channels: Once they get the TV remote in their hand, they keep on surfing the TV channels like crazy. They do not stand in any channel more than 10 seconds, be it a reality show, movie, education program, news, soccer match, or anything else. And if you ask your man he will say that he is searching for something interesting to see.


Forgets each and every important date: You always remember the important dates of your relationship like your partner’s birthday, your anniversary, your first meeting, first date etc. However, when it comes to your man, he hardly remembers anything or tries to remember.


Boys… you cannot change them !!!

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