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Pregnancy health hazards

Tania is as an expecting mother. She always would take care of herself as well as her unborn baby during that time. But she always experienced some problems with her health after two months of her pregnancy. She was always tired. She always felt nausea. This is very common for most of the expecting mothers.


There are some health problems, which you cannot avoid during pregnancy. Read on to know the most common problems during pregnancy and their solutions.


Morning sickness: Morning sickness, often experienced by expecting mothers, is a state of nausea.


Solutions: Have smaller meals after every 2 or 3 hours and avoid heavy meals. Eat smaller meals frequently (every 2 to 3 hours) instead of three big meals in a day. Add light foods, which digest easily in your daily meals along with vitamin B6 supplements. During sickness, you can have ginger tea. Don’t go to bed immediately after taking meal. Stay away from strong scents.


Fatigue: This is a problem, which occurs especially during the first and last stage.


Solutions: Get a sound sleep of 10 hours a day. Don’t hesitate if you have to take naps in middle of your works. Eat healthy and make sure that your diet consists of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, double tones milk, and whole grains. Drink lots of water. Go for brief walking every afternoon.


Heartburn: Heartburns are not harmful for the expecting mother, but they are certainly painful.


Solutions: Eat light foods and avoid the foods, which may lead to gastric problems. Don’t drink too much of water or other fluids with your meals. Take smaller meals frequently. Make sure to chew the foods properly. Don’t go to sleep after taking your meals. Always sleep in the right posture with a side pillow. Don’t bent your waist, rather bend the knees, if at all needed.


Cramps: Cramps are the most common ailments during later half of your pregnancy.


Solutions: The moment, you get cramp, lay your legs straight on the bed, and try to pull your toes back to the knees. If you cannot lie on the bed, stand up and step forward to stretch the affected muscle. You can avoid further cramps if you practice stretching your muscles regularly on bed. Don’t forget the take a hot pack on the effected muscles.


Frequent urination: Frequent urination is the most common problem during the first half of your pregnancy.


Solutions: Try to stay away from diuretics like coffee or alcohol. This is little tricky. In order to slow down frequency of night time urination, start taking small amount of fluid after 5 PM and drink more fluids during the day time. During urination, lean as forward as you can, so that the bladder gets emptied totally.


Having a baby is a blessing. Motherhood is a wonderful feeling. However, during pregnancy, you may face many health issues, which amazingly vanish away, once you give birth to the baby. Such is the pleasure and happiness of motherhood. However, if the problem is too serious and unbearable, go see a doctor.  

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