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Beauty Diet : Top 11 Foods

Beauty diet is nothing but the balanced diet comprising adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and the essential fats. Apart from including these foods in the regular diet, one must take utmost care in including foods like caffeinated beverages and alcohols.


Most of us spend a great deal of time and money on beauty-care products. But, often we fail to recognize the importance of food in our life. A good healthy diet not only keeps us healthy, but it also adds to our beauty. Good diet and proper exercise are more than enough for getting a beautiful body. A little time spent on a researching a good diet will in fact save your hard-earned money. But, what is a beauty diet? Most of us end with a great confusion finding the ingredients constituting a beauty diet. Now, you need not worry. We will give you a detailed description of foods that greatly enhances our beauty.


1.) Tomatoes: Its excellent anti-oxidants help in keeping your skin smooth and supple. Tomatoes in any form give you a younger look and delay the ageing process.


2.) Fish: These great reserves of Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and improve the blood circulation giving you a healthy glowing look. Research shows that people who included fish in their daily diet had fewer wrinkles in their old age.


3.) Yoghurt: This dairy product hydrates your body leaving it soft. Not many of us know that yoghurt helps to keep our teeth in a healthy condition. So positively include yoghurt in your daily diet to get sparkling teeth.


4.) Oranges: A regular dose of oranges make your skin look smooth, fresh-looking and provides resistance from the irritants and damage.


5.) Almonds: A handful of almonds is excellent for their anti-ageing properties. They also contain lots of Vitamin E and selenium which helps to enhance your complexion.


6.) Bean sprouts and onions: Our hair also needs proper nourishment. Foods rich in Vitamin B are the excellent supplements for shiny and healthy hair. Some of the good sources of Vitamin B are bean sprouts, onion and cucumber skin.


7.) Chicken: Chicken is an excellent food for our nails. These protein-rich foods make us look even more beautiful.


8.) Water: Drink minimum of eight glasses of water to keep you hydrated. Water refreshes your skin leaving it soft and glowing.


9.) Apples: This crunchy food removes the enamel from your teeth leaving it sparkling. They are often referred as the “nature’s toothbrush”.


10.) Green tea: Green tea is a great substitute for the caffeinated drinks. Its well proven benefits make it a healthy beverage.


11.) Honey: Honey is a super food for maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin.


For getting the best benefits, avoid overcooking of these foods.

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