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Hair Care Tips

What do you feel about those precious locks? For rejuvenating your appearance, you must take care of your hair. The healthier it is, the more you get the chance to show your ravishing style. These days, cosmetic manufacturers are offering numerous hair care products. With their effective formula, these products reduce many hair problems. Usually every man and woman goes through certain hair problems. These are such as, dandruff problem, hair loss and hair fall, baldness, dry hair and more. All these conditions can be cured with the help of some hair care treatments. Apart from getting hair care tips with the help of cosmetics, you must also try some wonderful natural hair care remedies. These are capable to offer you soft, smooth, strong and healthy hair.

Basic Hair Care Tips

Hair Cleansing

Like your skin, hair cleansing is also very much important. Everyday, your hair meets various kinds of pollutants and dirts. These are the environmental factors which affect the hair in great extent. Also during summer days when you go out in the sun, the hair looses its original texture and you experience unhealthy dry hair. Sometimes, cold weather also contributes in damaging the hair. All these issues can be sought out with the help of hair cleansing methods. Use shampoo on your hair at least thrice a week. It will wash off all dirt elements and you'll be able to enjoy healthy and clear hair.


After each shampooing, don't forget to apply conditioner. It protects your hair from getting harsh. Hair conditioner is applied on wet hair. This nourishes your hair offering smooth and soft effect.

Hair oil

If you want to enhance the quality of your hair, use hair oil at least once a week. It will add strength and health to your hair. A perfect head massage with good hair oil, soothes your body and mind. Apart from improving your hair texture, hair or head massage relieves stress and makes you energetic.

Healthy Diet

It is also important to maintain a proper diet. This will enrich your hair texture. Add more protein to your meal. As the hair shaft is made of protein named keratin, a low protein diet may offer you brittle hair. Include soy milk, beans, tofu, peas, nuts, etc in your diet. Apart from this take plenty of green vegetables and fruits. Drinking enough water is must along with these.


To save your locks from brittle hair problem, split ends, involve yourself in trimming process. At least in every 2 to 3 months, trim your hair. It will promote you growing hair too.

Hair Care Natural Remedies

? To avoid dandruff and hair loss, take some Indian henna and mix it in warm water. You may also boil some tea leaves in water. Add henna powder in it and squeeze a lemon too. Leave the mixture in a container overnight. Next morning add an egg to it and apply the paste on your hair. Apart from treating some hair problem, this also enhances the texture of hair and adds more glow to it.

? Prepare a mixture with the help of two vitamin E capsules and 3 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Make it warm and apply on your hair. Leave for the entire night and next morning shampoo the hair. For removing dry hair problem, you can try this process several times in a month.


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