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Nail Care

In your busy lifestyle, if anyone asks you about some beauty care regimes, you think about your skin, hair, lips. In most cases, nail has been neglected. Especially among women this important body organ is ignored in great extent. But the surprising part is that women like to decorate their nail with numerous colorful nail paints. With various light or deep shades, the nails look fabulous. But ignoring a proper care of this vital organ, you are inviting different health problems. You should know about the wide range of nail treatments and apply them to improve the beauty and health of your nails.

Interesting facts on nail

? Did you know that nails are made of the protein, named keratin. It is just same as your hair.

? The growing rate of your nail is 0.1 mm daily. If you want to see a completely regrowing finger nail, you have to wait for 4 to 6 months. However, toe nails take around 12 to 18 months to regrow.

? In comparison with women, men get faster growing nail.

? The middle finger possesses the fastest growing nail. Whereas, the thumb finger has the slowest growing nail.

? Pink color nail reflects health sign.

? The art of nail polishing first was observed in China during 3000 B.C.

? Ancient Egyptian and Roman military commanders used to apply nail polish just to match the lips.

? The modern technique of nail enamel was derived from car paint technology.

? To create pearly and shimmering enamels, micronized herring fish scales are used.

How to cope with different nail problems?

Discolored nails

Nail discolor is a common problem many people experience. The natural color of your nail changes. You may find green, yellow, blue, red or purple shade on your nails. Various factors are responsible for such condition. If you are going through heart disease, poor blood circulation, stomach problems, you may get such condition. In addition, medicines also cause such nail problem. You may apply nail polish to hide the discolor, otherwise, you may also use artificial nail. Such conditions are treated well when you  engage in some pedicure and manicure methods.

Eggshell nails

If your nails are so thin and fragile, you may have eggshell nails. Usually in such situation, the nail curves over the tip of your finger. Several reasons are there which create such problem and they are nervous disorder, diet, medication. To get rid of it, you have to trim the nails all the time. If any medicine is causing this problem, stop taking it.


The medical name of this condition is agnails. The cuticle of your nail gets dry and starts cracking. If the cuticles are cut too close or they become dry, hangnails arise. Apply cuticle oil and take care of the area with great attention.

Ingrown nail

Medically known as onychocryptosis, ingrown nails are seen into the sides of your skin around the nail. If you wear ill-fitting shows you get such problem so easily. However, applying nail file in an improper way, you bring such condition too. For treating chronic stage of such condition, only a doctor can help you.

Tips for nail care

? When you are starting manicure, fist wash the nails using soap and also nail brush.

?  A few days in a month, try to avoid using any kind of nail paint. Keep the nails free and fresh.

? If you apply castor oil or coconut oil on the nails, it will become healthy.

? To clean it properly choose cotton bud dipped in hydrogen peroxide solution. It will offer a clear appearance to your nail.

? Using lemon clean your nails. It is helpful for cuticle dirt removing purpose too.


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