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A beauty salon also referred to as a beauty shop or a beauty parlor is a place where you find all types of beauty treatments under one roof. Majority of the salons offer different beauty treatments but there may be beauty shops that offer only a particular type of beauty treatment. For instance, you will come across hair salons which specialize only in hair treatment.

What are the services offered by the beauty salons?

Beauty salons offer different types of beauty services. Basically they offer the following–

• Manicure

Manicure is beauty treatment for your hands. It includes clipping your nails, cleaning your hands, massaging them, removing old nail paints if any, applying fresh shades, applying cream to your nails and fingers and entire hand etc.

• Pedicure

Pedicure is treating your legs and feet with appropriate products. It includes cutting nails, filing them, cleaning nails, applying cream etc. You can ask the person who is helping with pedicure to apply a nail paint of your choice.

• Massage

Massage helps in improving the blood circulation in the body. It has a very rejuvenating effect. It relaxes the muscles and helps them to function properly. While a particular beauty salon may use natural products, you may also come across many beauty shops that use aromatherapy products or gives you mud bath etc.

• Facials

It is not very unusual to have clogged pores all over our face. Given the fact that our face is the part which is exposed the most to the sun, pollutants, grime, dust particles, it undergoes a lot of torture throughout the day. It gets exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays etc. The consequences are rather scary. Incidence of skin cancer is on the rise.

How will you nullify the ill effects on your skin especially your face? Facials can come to your rescue. Massaging your face, bleaching it, cleaning it regularly, applying facial mask, and oxygen therapy etc can help you immensely.

• Hairstyling

Beauty salons also take care of your hair. The haircut that will suit your face is best decided by a beautician at the beauty shop. Hair spa is gaining increasing importance these days and you can try one at the beauty parlors.

• Skincare

Some of the other skincare treatments you will find in the beauty salons include oxygen therapy, using the right products to make your skin smooth and soft. Regular beauty treatments can make your skin glow and give it a healthy look.

Why is it necessary to maintain hygiene in a beauty salon?

It is very important to maintain personal hygiene in beauty shops. This is because salons are accessible to all and sundry and the salon equipments are used by all. So, make sure your therapist or the beautician is clean and has maintained hygiene in the beauty shop. Cleanliness is a must in the beauty shops. This will minimize the chances of picking up infection from the parlors.

Top Beauty Salons in  US

• JC Penney Salon, California
• Loraine's Academy Inc, Florida
• Chic Hair Designs, Pennsylvania
• Velvet Roses Beauty Salon, New York
• ELLE Braiding Salon, Washington DC
• Germantown Day Spa, Tennessee
• Freestyle Salon, Michigan
• A Cut Above, Montana


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