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Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ of human body. From head to toe, this vital body part supports you with great care. This also contributes in great way in featuring your look. With a smooth and glowing skin, you can give your appearance a new shape. It creates great effect on your complexion too. Whether you have fair or dark complexion, a fresh and glowing skin makes you so beautiful. Due to countless factors, the skin looses its polished texture. In such situation, it needs some basic skin care regime. Including some skin care treatments, you can bring about a fantastic makeover in your look. Find below a discussion on various types of skin care therapies.

Tips on Skin Care Treatments

Use a Cleanser

Start the process applying a good cleanser on the skin. It will help you to get rid of dirt, extra oil from the skin surface. Due to over production of sebum, your skin gets pimples and acne. These can be protected applying a good quality cleanser. Daily after returning back home, use a cleanser. You may wash your face with this product two to three times a day.

Moisturizing Effects

After washing the face, you feel dryness. To solve this problem, apply a moisturizer. It hydrates your skin and makes it fresh and soft. If your skin is prone to acne, you may choose a water based moisturizer. For oily skin type, this formula works wonderfully. Every day, several times, use moisturizer on the skin and offer yourself a nourishing effect.

Scrub the face

Face is place where good care is needed. Doing scrub, you can eliminate the dead skin cells. It makes the face clean and fresh. But don't ever do too much scrub. It won't exfoliate the skin, rather the process will damage your skin health. So, in a week, you may apply a good scrub only once.

Sunscreen Care

Sunscreen lotion helps you to stay safe. From the damaging rays of the sun, it protects the skin. The harmful UV rays are not good for your skin. Even, you can get sun burn while going out in the sun. To control the situation, choose a sunscreen with SPF formula. SPF 15, SPF 20, etc are available for offering your skin good care.

Healthy Diet

Good diet makes the skin supple and soft. To bring out a radiant glow, eat lots of green vegetables and juicy fresh fruits. Even drinking plenty of water, you can improve your skin texture. Your face will reflect its beauty once you follow the healthy habits.

Good exercise

Exercise improves blood circulation and thus makes your skin smooth and glowing. Do some physical exercises and stay active. It will help you to look beautiful and younger forever.

Natural Skin Care Remedy

? A gentle scrub can enrich your skin. Prepare a natural scrub using tomato pulp, honey and rose water. Mix them together and use the paste on the face. It will help you to remove acne and would offer a clear and smooth skin.

? Mash a  ripe banana. Include two tablespoon of honey in it. Apply this paste on the skin. It will give your facial skin a new look. You have to leave the paste on the face for several minutes. Once it becomes dry, wash it off. For getting fresh glow, this preparation works best.

? Mix sandalwood and rosewater. Make a paste and use on the face. Leave for the entire night. Next morning wash the face with normal water. It will help you to fight with acne and pimples. You can also be able to enjoy a fantastic glow on the skin using this paste.


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