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Anti Aging Cosmetics

Owing to the pollution and a sedentary lifestyle people are growing old faster than even a decade back. The best way to fight the process of aging is by avoiding the sun as much as possible, drinking lots of water and catching up on good sleep. While you are practicing these steps, you can also hang on to good anti aging cosmetics which play catalyst to enhanced health and slow aging.

A brilliant suggestion: Keep your mind youthful and cultivate motivating and positive thoughts. Your mind is the mirror of your health.

Did you know?

• Chilli peppers fight skin aging according to SiCap. It helps the skin to absorb active ingredients.

• Salma Hayek's anti aging cosmetics brand takes inspiration from her grandmother Maria Luisa, a cosmetologist, who did not have a single wrinkle even at the age of 96 when she passed away.

Tips on Anti Aging Cosmetics

Instead of caking your face with an overdo of makeup be more artistic. Sit and analyze your skin texture, its color and then take a closer look at the lines of age. Daubing makeup to conceal may not help you in this case. Be subtle and strategic.

• Make use of cosmeceuticals. These are anti aging cosmetics designed to preclude wrinkles and other aging signs. These cosmeceuticals are prepared with extra moisturizers and antioxidants. The composition works on your skin twice at the rate of a regular cosmetic while reducing the intensity of  the marks and lines.

• Use makeup that has been designed to stay for a longer time. These products do not slip into the furrows and make you look older. On the contrary they successfully conceal the signs of age and makes you look younger.

• Take off the makeup you wear at the end of the day before you retire to bed. Use cold milk or milk based cleansing lotion to remove the face and eye makeup.

• Color of hair changes with age and you have to match your facial makeup with the hair color. Rather than making an awkward contrast use a different tone to match the hair color.

• Never go for a botox. Give yourself a break and spend sometime to relax. It is as good as botox.

• You can consider permanent makeup as well. This effectively maintains skin color.

Anti Aging Cosmetics for skin glow

With age your skin pigment begins to alter. High exposure to the sun has various negative and positive effects on the skin. The change in color can be caused by a high sun kissing skin. Preventing the skin discoloration is possible with the use of good anti aging cosmetics. Use heavy foundation to conceal the darker portions, marks or ugly lines. With age the color around your eyes darken and it becomes essential to use a concealer both on the eyelids and under eye. You can opt for lighter shades of eye shadows which covers the thinning eye lid skin. 

To age gracefully follow the techniques on your eyebrows and lashes This returns your youthful glow too.

• Use natural colored blushes make your face look fresh and young.

• Tone down your makeup with age. Try using charcoal liner.

• The best way to make your face glow is the luminizer that creates the extra effect when blended with your foundation.


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