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Top Cocktail Recipes

Summer is here and with it, the season for pool parties and evening rooftop parties has come. No parties are complete without colorful and tasty cocktails. They not only set the mood for the party, but also form a major part of the party food and beverage. Here are the top cocktail recipes, which will suit with the mood of your summer parties!

Cosmopolitan: This classic cocktail started its fame journey from the famous TV show sex in the city. You can serve this cocktail in trendy as well as formal parties.


Triple sec: 1 measure
Vodka: 2 measures
Fresh lime juice: 1 measure
Cranberry juice: 1 measure
Orange peel to decorate

Directions: Mix all the ingredients and shake over the ice until they are frosted. Then put the frosted mixture a chilled cocktail trendy glass. Use orange peels to dress up a little.

Fallen Angel: Feel with amazing taste of mint and lemon in this cocktail.


1 dash Angostura bitters
2 dashes green
Green mint liqueur
1 lemon or lime juice
Gin: 2 measures
Crème de menthe

Directions: Mix angostura bitters, lemon juice, and gin together and shake over ice. After that, strain it into the glass. Garnish the cocktail with two dashes crème de menthe at the top of the glass.

Moonraker: This cocktail contains a powerful mix, which can set you on fire with its amazingly fizzy taste. This drink is suitable for daytime pool parties.


4 to 6 broken ice cubes
Peach brandy: 1 measure
Brandy: 1 measure
Quinquina: 1 measure

Directions: Keep all the fractured ice cubes into a mixing container. Sprinkle the Pernod over the ice followed by the peach brandy, brandy, and Quinquina. Stir well until the ingredients are properly mixed. Choose a highball glass for serving it.

Raspberry Delight: A perfect mixture of berries along with framboise liqueur, this cocktail would definitely earn some praise for you.


Lemon juice: 1 measure
Orange juice: 1 measure
2 to 3 crushed raspberries
Friase: 1 measure
Half egg yolk
Dash grenadine
Slice of strawberry

Directions: Mix all the ingredients, except the strawberries. Shake them until they are mixed completely. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass and add topping with the slice of the strawberry.

Eye of the Hurricane: Get ready for the spicy taste of this cocktail. This is a non-alcoholic cocktail with the goodness of lemon, orange, and limejuice.


4 to 6 broken ice cubes
Passion fruit syrup: 2 measures
Lime juice: 1 measure
Bitter lemon
Slice of lemon

Directions: Take a mixing glass and put all the crushed ice cubed in it. Pour some syrup and limejuice over the broken ice and stir all the ingredients well. Pour the liquid in a freezing tumbler and add bitter lemon to top up. Stir the cocktail gentry and serve it with a lemon slice on the top.

Clam Digger: If you want to taste a different cocktail, try this.


10 to 12 crushed ice cubes
Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco sauce
Tomato juice: 4 measures
Clam juice: 4 measures
1/4 tablespoon horseradish sauce
Celery salt
Black pepper
Celery stick
Wedge of lime

Directions: Take 4 to 6 crushed ice cubes into a cocktail glass. Add the Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce over the crushed ice, followed by tomato juice, clam juice, and horseradish sauce. Shake until the ingredients frost. Take a chilled Collins glass with broken ice cubes and pour the cocktail. Add celery salt and pepper to enhance the taste. Decorate the cocktail with the celery stick and lime wedge.

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