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Celebs who have been in jail!

Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to 90 days jail for violation of law.

She is not the sole star, who has gone for a trip to the jail. There are many stars, who have lived behind the bars for several reasons. They serve their term and come out of the bar and lead a normal life, yes most of them.

Sophia Loren

She served the jail for 17 days in 1982. She failed to pay 1,80,000 dollar as tax to Italian Tax, which landed her into the jail for 17 days. That was the only scar in the life of this actress and siren of Hollywood.

Sean Penn

Well, we know him more as Madonna’s ex-husband! He was behind the bars for 33 days in 1987. He was accused to hit the photo journalists a couple of times, but he was landed into the jail for reckless driving and hitting over a movie set. But even after serving his term in the jail, he hit a paparazzo. He was also going through an anger management session in the year of 2010.

Robert Downey JR.

He stayed in the jail for nearly one and a half year. He was behind the bars for drug related issues from 1996 to 2001. He violated his bell term three times over the time span of three years. But when he returned from the jail, he was a polished and sober person. In 2008, he returned with a bang with Iron Man, but he gave the credit to his wife and producer of the movie.

Paris Hilton

She has been in the jail for 23 days. She had gone to the jail for the first time, when she was arrested for driving with a suspended driving license in 2007. After release from the jail, she promised to be a good person and not to entangle in any legal controversy. But she seemed to forget her Bible-reading-days and recently was found taking marijuana at a FIFA World Cup match.

Nicole Richie

Probably, none could make a more stylish appearance to the jail other than her. She was five-months-pregnant, when she was landed into the jail. Her boyfriend, Joel Madden escorted to the jail in the year of 2007, when she was accused for a DUI. She served jail for 82 minutes. After jail, she is living a happy life with her family and fashion world.

Michelle Rodriguez

She was in jail for 17 days for violating her probation terms. In 2004, she was accused of a hit and run case and again in 2005, she was accused for a drunken driving in Hawaii. The tough actress returns with bang in the year of 2009 with Avatar, where she once again established her mettle.

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