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Charlie Chaplin is back!

The king of comedy of the silent era, Charlie Chaplin is back! Yes, you heard it right.

A short silent movie, featuring Charlie Chaplin in a short role, which has been dormant or better to say lost for so many years, has suddenly come into limelight!

This can be a big surprise for all movie lovers as well as Charlie Chaplin fans.

Thief Catcher, which is a 1914 movie, has Chaplin as a buffoon cop. The original film of this movie is missing for many years. Last year, Paul Gierucki, the famous film historian bought it from an antique shop in Michigan. When he bought it, he thought that he was buying an usual and typical comedy film and preserved the film for months without even watching. Last March, he saw the movie and discovered a man, who was behaving and gesturing like the legend.

The Chaplin-like actor was seen on the screen for three minutes. Paul Gierucki immediately asked a friend, Richard Roberts, who is also a film collector, whether he was Chaplin or not. He also emailed his friend one still image from the lost film. Richard Roberts was also excited but he thought that it would be better if they checked the film once again, and this time more closely. This has another reason too. The film is not included in the filmography of the great actor.

However, in an interview in 1965, the actor himself revealed that he had played a Keystone cop, but he did not mention the title of the flick in the interview.

After that, they had watched the film together! After seeing the mannerisms and gestures, they were quite sure that it was none other than Charlie Chaplin. Richard Roberts said, “Even though he's dressed as a cop, the rest of the character is still there - the mustache, the walk, the mannerism. ... This is a character he'd been doing for quite a while.”

The film, which was lost a few years after the first public screening in the year of 1914, will be featured once again in an upcoming comedy film festival at Arlington in Virginia. Gierucki along with Roberts and other friends also arranges a similar film festival at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theater.

According to the organizers, Silent Comedy Mafia, this film festival has more than 120 comedy films including Thief Catcher, in store. Another specialty of this festival is that it will have musical company for all the silent movies. Wow… now that is a great news indeed!

Gierucki also has some plans to offer this rare movie to a wider audience through other film festivals and DVDs. However, they still have not come up any final announcement yet.

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