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Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Marriage: The Final Chapter

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller still seem to have major issues in their relationship. They are not only living separately or their marriage is at the verge of divorce, but also Brooke Mueller has moved to a rented house along with her kids, only to stay far from Sheen, if the Hollywood rumors are to be believed.

Even though Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen keep in touch with occasional text, regarding their twin kids, they recently stopped conversing on phone due to the latest complications of their marriage. A source reveled that their conversations often ended with shouting at each other and Brooke often would throw her phone after talking to her husband. The course said, “Brooke often throws down the phone when she speaks to Charlie. Brooke is totally stressed and needs to stay away from him and L.A. and start a new life.”

A close source has reveled that Brooke Mueller has taken the decision only because she cannot cope up with all the legal issues. For this reason, the actor has moved to a place, which is one hour away from Lon Angeles. The same source also confirmed the news that Muller has moved with her twin sons, Max and bob. The source was quoted by a lifestyle magazine, “Brooke is close to having a nervous breakdown over all that is going on with Charlie, so she took the boys to live in a rental house away from Los Angeles. She is still taking outpatient help with her addiction problems and would have totally relapsed if she had not gotten out of town.”

A few days earlier, another close source to the actor confirmed the news that Muller once again went to the rehab, just because she could not handle so much pressure with her marriage. The source also reported the magazine that Muller is thinking of taking a rented house. For this, she is trying one house in Laguna Beach and another in Santa Barbara. She is now looking for the one, which suits her wants and needs. The source said, “Brooke intends to continue her health regimen from whatever rental house she is in. She goes to AA meetings and always has someone with her to help her cope with the current stress. This will not change.”

It looks like the marriage is really at the threshold of divorce. And believe it or not, the reason being the same which separated Denise Richards from Sheen a few years back!

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