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Chris Brown's fake tear story!

Was it not enough for Chris Brown after beating up his girlfriend? Probably, Chris Brown was right in his own way to allow some fake tears to work for him.

But unfortunately for him, that his faking with tears has been flashed. And of course, winning the audiences’ heart, no matter how, is all matters after so many controversies! But using the fake tears at BET Awards while giving tribute to Michel Jackson, has taken the matter too far.

A few days earlier, Chris Brown accused WAL MART wrongly for banning his album. But this time, he is back with a bang!

On last Sunday, during the BET Awards, Chris Brown was the one, who was supposed to give tribute to the King of Pop. Chris Brown was seen broken down with tears before starting singing on the stage! Initially it was thought that it was an emotional side of the singer. However, later on, an eyewitness claimed that the singer applied eye drop before turning up on the stage. According to that eyewitness, the eye drop made him broke down on the stage, before he started singing a Michael Jackson medley.

The same source also claimed that it was Chris Brown’s bodyguard, who handed him over the eye drop to the singer, before he stepped on the stage. The 21-year-old singer applied the eye drop immediately, which made him cry during his performance. In the words of his bodyguard, as soon as he used the eye drop, “He rubbed it in and he started crying"!

However, none from the singer’s side has come up to say anything in this regard. One of his staff revealed that the young singer is moved with the chance to pay tribute to MJ, that he could not resist his emotions from coming out. In his words, “Chris Brown was moved by the opportunity to pay tribute to his idol.”

However, according to the audiences, the young singer was a bit melodramatic in expressing his emotions. Some audiences even tagged his behavior as stupidity.

Before the SET award function, he tweeted, “What makes u great? When u overcome adversity! All the people that dont believe.”  While talking with his less than 50,000 followers in Twitter, he wrote, “make sure you vote me for best male r&b for bet awards.”

Did the singer want to move the audience with the overdose of emotions or simply did he want to buy their emotions for turning his bad image around?

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