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Gary Coleman's Exes Fighting For His Estate

It was hardly a month that Gary Coleman has breathed his last and already fights have become prominent over his property between two former ladies in his life.

One is his ex-wife, Shannon Price while the other one is his ex-girlfriend, Anna Grey.

Anna grey, the latest claimant of Gary’s estate, has filed an appeal last week. According to his ex-flame, Gary had given one good portion of his estate to her and apart from that, Gary’s last wish was that his model train collection should be moved to the hobby stores in California. According to the attorney of Anna, “Anna just wants to carry out Gary's wishes. Her will is the most objective reflection of what Gary wanted. We're going to be in this case for the long haul.”

On the other hand, Shannon Price has claimed that even though they were divorced, she was the common law wife of the actor. She also claimed that the handwritten will was written just a week after their weeding. According to Price’s attorney, “Nothing ever changed between Shannon and Gary. They lived as husband and wife. For now, this is about who should care for Gary's remains, that's Shannon's primary concern. Beyond that, there isn't much to fight over in his estate, there wasn't much left financially.”

Well, both the ladies have their own versions of wills. Even though we do not know what is the real will of Gary Coleman, but it is quite affirmed that the actor wanted to be cremated and at the same time, he did not want any funeral services.

The cremation is scheduled to take place shortly. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend is already allowed to see Gary Coleman’s body before the cremation ceremony. His ex-wife said, “I want to make sure I have an urn and a necklace with his ashes. That's all I want.”

However, meanwhile a trail has been formed whether Price is actually the common law wife of the actor or not. But this process may take months, until the cremation will be on hold. Her attorney commented, “Shannon's doing well, but it's obviously hard for her as his wife to have people from his past coming out of the woodwork. Gary wanted to distance himself from all his past business managers as well as the media, so this is all upsetting to her, as it would be for anyone in her position."

Let’s wait for some time to see who will be declared to be the legal heir of the talented actor!

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