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Hollywood's most powerful women

Hollywood's one of the top entertainment magazines, E! has reveled a list of Hollywood's top five strongest women.

They are beautiful; they are living in style without any support in this male dominated world. When you will learn their stories, you will love them, respect them, and adore them, not for their achievement, but also because they know how to lead a perfect life.

Sandra Bullock: If we are talking about the strongest women in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock would definitely lead the list. The versatile Oscar winning actor is more focused on her adopted son, Louis Bardo, instead of indulging in the blaming games with her cheating husband, Jesse James. The single mother took her time to overcome from a failed marriage, when Jesse cheated her for Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Well, she once again has proved why we love her.

Jennifer Aniston: The Friends star has found herself alone when her husband Brad Pitt moved with his co-star for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie. When everyone was speculating that Jennifer would mentally collapse, the slender girl showed her toughness and bounced back. Do not worry about her career. Three movies (Horrible Bosses, Wanderlust, and The Switch) of the Friends star are already lined up in the year of 2011.

Halle Berry:
When we are talking about the highest paid actress in Hollywood, you only can imagine about the huge power, she is enjoying. Halle berry, two-time divorced (baseball player David Justice and singer Eric Benet), is living with a much younger boy, Gabriel Aubry. They are together for five years and in 2008, Halle gave birth to the first child of the couple.

Ein Woods: The wife of the golf king, Tiger Woods, was not at all in the limelight, until she came with solid proofs of her husband, cheating on her, not with one woman, but with a number of women from different corners of the world. Her enigmatic appearance is highlighted when she boarded a flight and left town without her wedding ring on her left hand.

Mary-Louise Parker: Mary-Louise Parker was on the advanced stage of her pregnancy, when she discovered that her boyfriend, Billy Crudup was cheating on her. Even though he initially denied his link up with Claire Danes, but after their official breakup, the stars were spotted together. But that would not stop Mary-Louise Parker from living. She is living her life in her own terms with her boyfriend, Charlie Mars and an adopted daughter.

Women of substance… is the phrase, you would love to use for them!

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