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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Split: Facts and Myths

The Bachelor’s reality celeb Jake Pavelka has finally broken his silence and spoken over his breakup with his fiancé, Vienna Girardi.

Earlier, many of us accused Jake for taking on his fiancé in public that he left her because of her reckless past, wild stories of betrayal, and plastic surgery!

A rumor was earlier aired that the couple was having some problems in their paradise. But after the news of their break up was flashed by a close source of the couple, neither of the persons concerned has given an official statement. Three months before, when a similar rumor was buzzing around, the Bachelor star defended themselves. But now when Janice Lee, the official representative of the couple has reveled the news of their breakup, everything seems to be official now! Janice Lee said, "Jake and Vienna have split. They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time."

A few months earlier, when Jake was dropped from the reality show, Dancing With the Stars, he said that he found it really necessary to focus on their relationship, rather than to focus on anything else. He told that he and Girardi would "focus on our relationship and just see where life takes us right after that."

He also adds on that there is no major infidelity issue with 24-year-old Girardi. The 32-year-old reality show star also hopes that he will find his true soul mate one day and at the same time, he also admits that he did not take any wrong decision when he proposed Girardi. People quoted Jake Pavelka, "I'm still the same guy that believes in love. In the end, what I've learned is, it doesn't matter if you love somebody – that doesn't fill 95 percent of the relationship."

According to the source, Pavelka is presently in Atlanta, busy in shooting a guest appearance in the Lifetime series, Drop Dead Diva, while Girardi is currently vacationing in Los Angeles. He broke up with her fiancé on phone on Monday from the shooting location. A close pal of Giraldi told People that she was still in shock. She said, "She's not naïve. But she was committed to see where this led. She really thought he was a special guy. She was ready to go as far as it could go, and it obviously ran its course."

Well, Giraldi, you must know where your decision may take you when you accepted the engagement ring in the reality show, The Bachelor!!!

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