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Jesse James fights for daughter custody

Jesse James confirms that his fight with his ex wife, Janine Lindemulder over the custody of their 6-year-old daughter has taken a new turn.

And the ex husband of actress Sandra Bullock also says that he is moving to Texas only to help his daughter, Sunny!

According to Jesse James, Sunny has developed some health issues these days. And he blames his first wife and mother of his daughter, Janine Lindemulder for the deterioration in Sunny’s mental health. He is quoted that she “acts out, she's more agitated, she has sleeping problems.”

Janine Lindemulder was released on July 3 from halfway house and James thinks that her presence will accelerate Sunny’s psychological status. He said, “The more contact she has with her mom, the more fear she has to sleep in her own room.” James also says that Sunny is doing well in her school in spite of the problems with her mother.

He said, “She's thriving, doing well in school, she has an amazing relationship with her brother and sister and Sandy. We're getting to a point where we can live in peace. Moving to Texas will only make things better.”

At the present point of time, both James and Lindemulder are fighting over the issue, whether Sunny should move with her father to Austin. According to an attorney, who is incidentally appointed by the court itself, testifies that Sunny should move with her father only for her good. However, James has confirmed that he wants to shift before July 30.

According to the close source, he has already bought a five-room home on an eight-acre land. James has also confirmed that the home is located in a, “very private estate in Texas hill country.” The same source also tells that the new home is just 17 miles away from James ex-wife, Sandra Bullock, who has a key role in bringing up Sunny.

Well, well, well, should we then draw a conclusion that James is more interested to be in touch with Bullock or he is totally focused on her Austin business setup? According to his attorney, this is something very vague as he says, “I can't place a priority between the two. He's going down there to deal with business issues, but he'd like to get his kids away from the limelight.”

However, turning the attention to Lindemulder, she is claiming that she is getting back her senses once again after a troubled life. She also confirms that she undertakes medical therapies and wants to rebuild her relation of trust with her ex-husband once again.

Now, it is up to James whether he will accept her wish or not. Hope Sandra Bullock has something to comment on this as well !!!

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