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Lindsay Lohan spends her birthday with Kim Kardashian

Has Lindsay Lohan finally learned her lesson? Has she sobered down? Is the judgment day arrived for her? Then why Lohan is spending her 24 th birthday alone in her home with only friend, Kim Kardashian? Well, you might be speculating a thousand things about the official party girl of Hollywood!

It was her choice to stay back in home and spend her 24 th birthday with Kid Kardashian and Chinese food!

According to People magazine, Lindsay Lohan’s earlier plan was to enjoy a birthday bash with the owners of a nightclub. A close friend of Lohan confirmed that Lohan was all set to go to the party but she cancelled her plan at the last moment.

The friend is quoted by People magazine, “Lindsay was planning to celebrate her birthday with the owners of Las Palmas, who are like family to her, and her friend Ferras, who was also celebrating his birthday that night," but decided to pull a no-show at the last minute.”

Well, well, well, friends like nighclubs owners… that is quite like Lohan! But what does it happen to the Mean Girls star? Has she changed her life style? Or does she want to give us any message?

One of her close friend, Marcus Molinari tweeted yesterday midnight, confirming that Lohan did not celebrate her birthday at Las Palmas. She wrote, "Lindsay is not having her birthday @laspalmas! She is at home with friends and family!!! We wish her well and love her!"

One of her close friends, Kid Kardashian was also seen entering Lindsay’s home with a Chinese food bag of Chin Chin, one of the best low-fat and low-crab Chinese foods, available in Los Angeles.

Lohan finally celebrated her 24 Th birthday with her mom, little sister, assistant, and of course Kim!

Lohan is just sentenced 90 days jail, and followed by 90 days rehab on July 6. Her punishment for breaking the law again and again will start from July 20. And until then she might want to spend her days with her closes pals and family. Of course, no issue Lohan!

According to her friends and family, this sentence is truly harsh on Lohan!

Will you be sympathetic to her?

Well, not really. A girl, who has spoiled her career with drugging, smoking, alcohol, and partying, who had been given multiple opportunities to change her lifestyle, who have done only one noticeable film (Mean Girls), we have hardly any sympathy for her.

We can only wish that she takes her life little seriously after serving the entire period of 180 days, it will be for only her good, not us!!!


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