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Mel Gibson's third tape released

Radar Online has released the third Mel Gibson tape.

This time, the 56-year-old actor is captured in live video chat, but his hateful comments on his ex-girlfriend, some ethnic groups, and women still continue, in the third tape, followed by the first and second tape.

According to Radar Online, they have the entire tape, which they will release in several segments on a daily basis.

The actor or any rep of the actor has not said anything about the male voice in the tape. However, Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva conforms that the female voice in the tape is none’s but her! This confirmation nearly proves the involvement of this actor in this audio and video tape.

Like the first two audio tapes, Mel Gibson continues to curse his ex-girlfriends and the mother of his eight-month-old daughter. In this tape, the actor also refers to another woman, other than Oksana. A rep from Oksana has confirmed that the other Latino woman assists Oksana in her household chores.

In the latest audio rant, Mel Gibson is heard addressing his ex-girlfriend with the whole lot of bad words in the world, including the F word, B word, and C word. Suddenly, he calms down a bit in accusing Oksana while he continues to call her with different abuses.

Looks like the actor is obsessed with the abuses!!!

A criminal investigation is also going on against Mel Gibson due to an allegation of domestic violence by Oksana. Presently, the actor and Oksana are both fighting for the legal custody of their daughter, Lucia.

Oksana Grigorieva gives a statement that Gibson assaulted her physically during January 2010. This assault led to loosing her teeth along with a black eye. In the second tape, Mel Gibson was heard to say that she deserved this (assault). Nancy Grace has even reported that Oksana’s restraining order also includes the snaps of the alleged physical assault by Mel Gibson.

Los Angeles Police, according to the latest news, is working on to check on the authenticity of the tape. If they find Mel Gibson to be guilty, they will add the tape with the other evidences of domestic violence investigation against Men Gibson.

Actor Mel Gibson seriously hurt his reputation with this tape controversy. Yesterday on 13 Th July 2010, Twitter was literary went out of capacity over this issue. Thanks to Mel Gibson’s controversial tape!

Now it is time to see whether the hatred going on against the star, effects on the review of his next movie, The Beaver or not!

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