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Movie Review: Splice

Movie: Splice

Director: Vincenzo Natali
Producer: Steven Hoban
Writer: Vincenzo Natali

Sarah Polley as Elsa
Adrien Brody as Clive
Delphine Chanéac as Dren
Abigail Chu as Young Dren
David Hewlett as Barlow
Stephanie Baird as Elsa/PD

Release Date (USA): June 4, 2010
Rating (USA): R
Film Genre: Sci-Fi

This sci-fi movie entirely deals with a scientific experiment, its success story, and its pitfalls. Genetic engineer couple, Clive and Elsa (played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley respectively) is specialized in merging different DNAs of different creatures, in order to form hybrid animals.

Now after so many successful experiments, they want to experiment with human DNA. According to them, this experiment will be the biggest one in the century. But when they confront with the executive of the pharmaceutical company, they are working for, their proposal is literary turned down. Since they have enough faith on themselves and their project, they have decided to go with it, even if secretly.

As a result of their experiment, Dren is created. At the initial stage, Clive used to think that this discovery was a wrong decision, and times goes by, he planned to murder his own creation. But it was Elsa’s motherly instinct, which had saved Dren. As Dren grew up, it developed feminine characteristics. She had a tail and birdlike legs, else she was a complete human being.

Dren had a dangerous animal side in her nature. As she grew up, her curiosity had become dangerous for all. And it was discovered later by her discoverers, which forced them to repent for their discovery and it consequences.

The film has been rated with a 'R' because of its sexual content, nudity, explicit violence, and language.

Overall, a bold attempt for director, Vincenzo Natali, Splice seems to bring a fresh air into the realm of sci-fi movies. This flick has all the elements of sci-fi in it, yet does not have the usual horrifying and scaring feel and atmosphere. At some point of time, you also can connect with the motherly feelings of Elsa and at the same time their dilemma for creating Dren. The characters are so real that you can relate the story with every human emotion from love and anger to jealousy and sadness.

If we have to rate the film for each of its sections, we would probably give the highest marks to the special effects portion. Natali shows her prudence in developing the characters, but it should have been better with such a smart script.

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