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The sexiest on-screen werewolves

Now that the Twilight Saga: Eclipse is going to hit the silver screen soon, everybody is talking about Taylor Lautner, who has played a werewolf in this movie.

In Twilight Saga: New Moon, we first discovered this teen as a sexy werewolf. Girls, do not indulge in naughty thoughts!!!

With this, another thing has come to my mind… several actors and actresses have portrayed wolf man and wolf girl in different movies. Want to take a look at the sexiest on-screen werewolves so far… read on.

Benicio Del Toro: When it came to a wolf man in the movie, The Wolfman, probably, no other actor could make such a cute wolf man other than Benicio Del Toro. Thank God, he was bitten and cursed by a werewolf, when he was returning to her homeland; else we would miss such a manly wolf man.

Olivier Martinez: When a wolf girl is stuck in a situation, when she has to choose between her dream man and a wolf man, she has promised, a tale like Blood and Chocolate forms. In this movie, we can see two sexy werewolves, Agnes Bruckner and Olivier Martinez, when the latter definitely steals the show.

Katharine Isabelle: Have you seen Ginger Snaps? Then you must admit that Katharine Isabelle, who played a wolf girl, named Ginger in this movie, is the cutest in the lot. Her intense acting may remind you of the fact that puberty is really a crucial period!

Will Kemp: When you are searching for the sexiest on-screen werewolves, you search may end with the handsome hunk, Will Kemp. Even though, he played a bad wolf man in Van Helsing, but how could you deny that you too prayed for his triumph over the hero, Hugh Jackman?

Anna Paquin: The hottie in Trick 'R' Treat looks absolutely stunning, even if she is more on her dreadful face. When she comes out in her wolf girl avatar in the Halloween night, you may be more impressed with her sexiness rather than getting afraid of her.

Judy Greer: Comedy is her mettle, but when it comes to a cute wolf girl, Judy Greer retains her excellence. In Cursed, she plays a werewolf, who turns into a fierce creature in night. But you certainly would not miss her beauty in the avatar of a wolf girl.

Apart from these actors, there are many actors like Michael Sheen, Sybil Danning, Jason Bateman, and Michael J. Fox, who have played the role of werewolves in different movies. And they all have retained their uniqueness while portraying the creature of the night!

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