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Top 10 Celebrity Moms

There is nothing more blessing than motherhood. Celebs too feel blessed after they taste motherhood;

they feels how a baby grows in her womb, and they experience the soft touches of a baby’s hand. There are many celebrities like Cameron Diaz, who do not want to become mother and there are celebs, who feel accomplished by motherhood. Here are the top 10 celebrity mothers, who have defined their mark equally after becoming a mother without hampering their celebrity status.

Angelina Jolie: After so many failed relationships and fighting away many depression, the award winning actress has finally found her dream man in Brad Pitt and her dream family with Shilo, twins Vivienne and Knox (biological children), Maddox, Pax, and Zahara (adopted).

Julia Roberts: She was a dedicated mom with two kids, even though they are from the first marriage of her husband, Danny Moder. After their wedding, the Pretty Woman gave birth to twins, Phinneas and Hazel, and Henry. Although, she has a nanny to help her, but she takes care of her kids.

Sandra Bullock: Sandra Bullock, the mother of one child, recently faces a divorce from her husband Jasse James. They together planned to adopt a baby. Now that she returns to her singlehood, she has adopted the boy and kept her words.

Katie Holmes Cruise: The mom of the most famous celebrity kids and a trendsetter, Suri Cruise, had fought with rumors like whether Tom Cruise was the real father, due to her fast pregnancy. She kept her daughter away from the cameras for months, but when Suri was introduced to the world, everyone had a glimpse of the blood-eyed parents in her. 

Victoria Beckham: When it comes to most glamorous celebrity moms, Victoria Beckham, mother of three kids, would probably rule the list. Posh Spice along with her husband, soccer dude, David Beckham, features many ads and photo shoots. Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz must be very proud of their parents.

Madonna: Madonna, the mother of two biological kids and an adopted kid, has shifted her focus from the materialistic world to the household, once she had become a mom. The Queen of pop is on her way to adopt another kid very soon.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Sex And The City star, Sarah Jessica Parker is a mother of three kids. James Wilke was born in and her twin daughters, Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell were in 2009. The twin babies are born with a surrogate mother.

Salma Hayek: This Latino lady is a kind human being, who would love to give her love as well as her milk to other babies. She surprised all when she breastfed another baby in order to break the misconceptions about breastfeeding. She too wants her daughter, Valentina to grow kind and generous like her.

Brooke Shields: The actor, model, comedian, and author had another feather on her crown, when she became a proud mother of a baby girl. She won her battle against post partum depression after her break up with Tom Cruise and also wrote a book on that subject.

Halle Berry: Halle Berry did not feel more complete before, not even after winning the Oscar, when she became a mother. She is a proud mother of her one-year-old baby boy, with her long-time boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry. Her baby boy, Nahla has completed her as well as her dream.

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