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Women in action movies

If Hollywood actors are the Gods of action, you cannot dim the actresses.

They are beautiful, charming, luring, moreover they are at its best to fight the bad men.

Angelina Jolie

None could make better Lara Croft other than Angelina Jolie! This siren enacts in Lara Craft in the titular role. Even though, this movie was a trash, but her performance and acrobatic stunts were appreciated and recognized. And Jolie manages to be the ultimate action queen without losing a single bit of her beauty and appeal. Her action mettle can also be seen in movies like Wanted, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, recently Salt, and soon-to-be Salt sequel.

Halle Berry

This Oscar winning actress was stunning, when she appeared right from the waves of the ocean in James Bond flick, as the sea Goddess. She was the spotlight of 007. You cannot forget her orange bikini as well as black leather dress, which she wore in the fighting sequences. Her contribution as the Bond girl is no doubt deserves a special mention.

Uma Thurman

Who can forget the gorgeous killing machine in Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2? When she is out to take revenge, you know you cannot save yourself. She is tricky, quick, and a master of martial arts. Kill Bill is an martial arts series, in which Uma has to kill more than 70 characters, and each one a master in the art. She is a mother and often shows her emotional side and the transition from a fighter to a mother is best portrayed by this versatile actress.

Cameron Diaz

When it comes to beauty with brains, the stunner no doubt wins the race. Cameron Diaz is beautiful and when she is one of the angels in Charlie’s Angels. She shows her mettle equally in tap dancing and fighting and dashing off the faces of the bad men. She is quick and her long legs are enough to teach the bad men their deserved lesson. Hope to see her again in some other action flicks!

Linda Hamilton

A tough mom, who cares for her son and can do anything and everything for her son… Linda Hamilton plays Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. She gave tough competition to Arnold Schwarzenegger. She ran away from a mental hospital after breaking her psychiatrist’s hand. The scene, where she was introduced in the movie, was so beautifully shot that we hardly got a hint that this was a woman!

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