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Comic on brings all stars at the same stage

If your dream is to see all the superheroes altogether at one stage, comic on would bring an amazing opportunity for you.


For all comic on fans, there is a wonderful chance to see their favorite superheroes, when the stars of The Avengers turn up on the stage. Samuel Jackson actually surprised the 6000 watchers of the show, when he introduced the star cast of his upcoming movie, The Avengers.


The Avengers will hit the theatres in the year of 2010. The movie is based on the famous comic series and will feature some of the greatest superheroes of all times.


The show started with stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Clark Gregg, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth of Thor. After the first curtain rising, Jackson introduced Robert Downey jr as a surprise guest. With this star, came other stars like Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner.


Harrison Ford also made a surprise visit but at the San Diego Convention Centre. However, the previously mentioned actors appeared at the Marvel Studios.


It is better to mention here that Ford received such a reception, which no other actor has received so far in this year. However, the Star Wars star was humble enough when he said, “I just wanted to make a living as an actor. I didn't know about this.”


Ford was promoting his next movie Cowboys & Aliens. He made a joint appearance with co-stars Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell. The director Jon Favreau also accompanied them.


While promoting the movie, the director clarified his intention that he has tried his best to maintain a balance between two different genres without relying on modern technology generated special effects.


He also showed a clip from Harry Potter at Comic-On. Potter was seen navigating along with his friends in the darkest corner of the world, followed by the bad man Voldemort and his followers.


The movie is all set to release in the coming November.


A few days ago, The Expendables stars appeared on the stage of Comic On. Sylvester Stallone introduced the remaining star cast of the movie, including co-stars Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, and Terry Crews.


It was another colorful episode of Comic on. Terry Crews took off his shirt and showed the thousands of Comic on fans what the real abs packs actually look like. Bruce Willis, who made a cameo in this movie, also rocked the stage with his usual charm.


Comic has been a wonderful media, where the movie stars get a big chance to come closer to the fans and at the same time, they can share their stardom with them more easily.  

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