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Drew Barrymore is not Twittaholic!

Drew Barrymore, the little girl, who poped up her cute face in one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made, E. T, is not at all technology freak. At least, she does not want to connect with people, whom she does not even know!


That is Drew Barrymore for you. The sultry actress, 35, is not addicted to social medias like Twitter. She does not even bothered that she is not twitting like her co-stars and fellow industry insiders; neither has she felt any need for that.


She feels that everyone is already connected with each other… thanks to the modern technology, that she does not feel any need to stay connected with them. Nylon’s Denim August issue quoted her, “Ironically, with all this, 'We're now more connected than ever with technology,' I don't think we've ever been farther apart.”


But she has a strong logic behind this. She feels that even though the social medias are keeping you closer to people, but there is hardly any real bond or connection between you and your network. What is the point of revealing your current status to millions of people, who do not even know you personally?


She said, the social medias can make us “more connected but we're now weirdly disconnected.”


Drew also feels that social networking sites are making us fake and mechanical. There is a self-consciousness, which surrounds you all the time. You have to be perfect and should not reveal your weak points in an open forum, where everyone can see you and read you.


She said, “You have to not pretend to be perfect, because that's not only boring as [expletive], but it's just not real.” She also feels that there is hardly anyone, who is real in the social networking sites. She commented, “I just really want to be true to myself. That's essential in life. I would never be able to put on a charade. I would totally [screw] it up.”


Well, rightly said Drew !!!


Amazing… in such a world, where every people is trying to build his network and wants to share every little detail of his life in a social media like Twitter, Drew Barrymore thinks completely different!


Currently, Drew Barrymore is busy to promote her next movie along with her beau Justin Long. The movie, Going the Distance, is about a long distance relationship, where the male character goes nude !!! In Drew’s words, “It's funny because usually it's the girl who's naked. “I was like, … The tables are turned!”


Looks like Drew Barrymore is enjoying her life to the fullest, minus the social networking sites.

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