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Mel Gibson is in trouble: Both personal and professional

It is more than 30 in number! OMG save us from Mel Gibson rants. Yes, that would be your reaction, if we tell you that Mel Gibson tapes are over 30 in number.


Yes, you heard it right. Thanks to Mel Gibson’s special ability of abusing and cursing that, the tapes are keeping coming up. He almost used all the abuses and bad words while addressing and accusing his ex girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. RadarOnline, the website has published his audio tapes and according to the founder of the website, all the tapes have not been released yet.


David Perel, the founder and vice president of the gossip magazine said, “The exact number of recordings has not been released or reported yet. Obviously, RadarOnline.com has quite a few audio tapes and yes, we do have more. We will be posting them on the site as we continue to report on the Mel Gibson story.”


The demand of the tapes is on the zenith and that is the reason why the website is uploading the tapes one after another at a slow pace. He said, “Interest in the Mel-Oksana story is as strong as ever, at times stronger than ever. Our audio tapes were even responsible for the ratings rise of several syndicated entertainment TV shows that we allowed to play portions of the tapes.”


On the other hand, the 54 year old star is planning to launch an extortion claim against Oskana. He said that Oskana, who is a Russian singer, is trying to snatch money from him. He also met with the detectives to discuss over this issue.


He said that his ex girlfriend is the culprit to release the tapes one after another, because he turned down her demand for more cash! It deserves a mention that Mel has previously offered $15 million to Oskana, which she turned down, even after accepting it.


Mel Gibson has been accused for domestic violence and child endangerment. It is better to take a note that Mel Gibson has a nine months old daughter with Oskana. However, the detectives from the department of Los Angeles Sheriff's detectives are engaged in investigation in order to go to the depth to the case.


Taking the table around, there are more scandal stories, coming up from Mel rep.


According to the close source of Leonardo DiCaprio, who was previously cast in Mel Gibson’s next project, the Titanic star has decided to leave the project… thanks to the latest gossips and scandals.


This decision is believed to mark a major set back for the legendary actor.

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