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Will George Clooney marry his girlfriend after sex scandal!

It was just a few weeks ago that charmer George Clooney was dragged to the courtroom and now it is his lady love, Elisabetta Canalis, who has again brought him into the limelight, and again for a wrong reason.


If Hollywood actors are the Gods of action, you cannot dim the actresses.


This week will be a great week for all music lovers, whose who love listening to music and those who love to collect music and instruments.


Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to 90 days jail for violation of law.


There is nothing more blessing than motherhood. Celebs too feel blessed after they taste motherhood;


Cameron Diaz, 37, still feels 14 year-old at heart!

She started her career very early with Jim Carrey


Yes, heard the right! The heartthrob of millions is married to his supermodel sweetheart Miranda Kerr.


Finally, jail sentence for Lindsay Lohan has started. She is put in a two-storied building, near a freeway.


The Friends star, Jennifer Aniston has been finally launched with a restraining order against the 24-year-old stalker. The man, Jayson Peyton was arrested last week as he was roaming around Aniston’s house with a sharp object and channel tape in his hand!!


Is it true that Mel Gibson’s ex wife (soon to be) is beside Gibson over his domestic violence case against his ex girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva? Yes,


The king of comedy of the silent era, Charlie Chaplin is back! Yes, you heard it right.


Someone has very rightly said that ‘babies are the cutest thing on earth'! Now, if they are the cutest celebrity babies,


Jesse James confirms that his fight with his ex wife, Janine Lindemulder over the custody of their 6-year-old daughter has taken a new turn.


Radar Online has released the third Mel Gibson tape.


This week, two much awaited albums have been released, one by Kylie Minogue and the other by the famous American band, Scissor Sisters. Let’s hear some reviews on both the tracks.


The nominations for EMMY Awards 2010 are finally aired. Let’s take a look at the nominations at different categories:


Has Lindsay Lohan finally learned her lesson? Has she sobered down? Is the judgment day arrived for her? Then why Lohan is spending her 24 th birthday alone in her home with only friend, Kim Kardashian? Well, you might be speculating a thousand things about the official party girl of Hollywood!


Pop singer Britney Spears undoubtedly seems in a better mental condition. But look what the singer accused her father for? According to Britney, her father, Jamie spears, who is also her conservator, drugs her regularly, so that she keeps bringing money to her family!


Mel Gibson always catches the headlines solely for all wrong reasons. This time, it is for an audio tape, which is leaked recently, where the actor is heard accusing his ex-girlfriends, Oksana Grigorieva.


This week two famous couples are officially divorced. And ironically both of them are stemmed from the fact that the men were cheating on their wives with more than one woman! Read on…


Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller still seem to have major issues in their relationship. They are not only living separately or their marriage is at the verge of divorce, but also Brooke Mueller has moved to a rented house along with her kids, only to stay far from Sheen, if the Hollywood rumors are to be believed. 


Shedding off all the rumors of a troubled paradise, actor Angelina Jolie finally speaks out about her relationship with Brad Pitt.


Finally all speculations are over for Lindsay Lohan. Yesterday on July 6, the Mean Girls starlet has received jail sentence for 90 days due to the repeated violations of law during her probation period of three years.


Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney will appear in the Milan Court, as he accused three men for using his name for a famous fashion line. 


Was it not enough for Chris Brown after beating up his girlfriend? Probably, Chris Brown was right in his own way to allow some fake tears to work for him.


Kristen Steward is always infamous for making wrong statements at wrong times. But this time the Twilight star has slipped her tongue a bit further!


Hollywood's one of the top entertainment magazines, E! has reveled a list of Hollywood's top five strongest women.


Now that the Twilight Saga: Eclipse is going to hit the silver screen soon, everybody is talking about Taylor Lautner, who has played a werewolf in this movie.


The Bachelor’s reality celeb Jake Pavelka has finally broken his silence and spoken over his breakup with his fiancé, Vienna Girardi.


It is said that there is no permanent relationship in the world of glamour and glitz. If this is true, then why we eagerly wait for the updates on romantic real-life celeb couples?


The 37-year-old siren may be a stunner in the silver screen, but she cannot be brave enough to invite parenthood in her life, not in the near future.


It was hardly a month that Gary Coleman has breathed his last and already fights have become prominent over his property between two former ladies in his life.


It seems that there is much more beyond twitter flirting. The 16-year-old pop singer, Justin Bieber first met with the Hollywood Page 3 celebrity,


Surely, the American blogger, Perez Hilton would love to create controversies but this time he has gone too far. He has posted an image of Miley Cyrus,


If the latest Hollywood news is to be believed, Angelina Jolie has been finalized for the next Cleopatra, at least according to the Oscar winning producer, Scott Rudin. Yes, the 35-year-old hazel-eyed beauty is going to play the most famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.


After all the legal episode, now that actress Lindsay Lohan has come near to her final judgment, her lawyer wants some time. Her final hearing is scheduled to take place on July 6.


Britney Spears has come in headlines this week, but again after a wrong reason. One of her top bodyguards, Fernando Flores has quit from the job of protecting Britney Spears!

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