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Gone are the days when consumers had to be satisfied with the type of food that was thrust upon them and the ones they were used to seeing as per the food culture that prevailed within their territory. Now there is a welcome mix of delicacies from across the different continents that are sure to tickle your taste buds. There are different recipes from across the continents that you can set your eyes on. And this is what is happening around the globe.

Let us see how food culture differs from one continent to another. Find out how food habits differ in United States and India.

1. Food culture of America

American cuisine has undergone changes over the past decades. This is essentially to acclimatize to the changing climatic conditions, lifestyle and to keep pace with time. American food culture has adapted itself to the demands of time. It has been observed that fast food culture is gradually picking up pace. Few factors that have contributed immensely to the growing demand of fast food culture is the ease with which it is accessible, it is less time consuming to prepare and above all, it is easy on your pockets too!

Not only that the fast food culture is not just characteristics of the United States, it has infiltrated into other countries too. And for similar reasons this culture is following on close heels of USA in other countries too. Some of the favorite food of Americans includes –

• Hot dogs
• Hamburgers
• Pasta
• Pizza
• Soups
• Desserts
• Alcoholic drinks
• Beverages etc

As far as the most widely used ingredients in American food are concerned, they include crab, beef, chocolate chips, cakes, potato chips, squash, maple syrup, wheat, sweet potatoes, corn, and turkey etc are used. 

2. Food culture of India

The food habits manifested by the Indians are as varied as its ethnicity. You will come across a variety of dishes. Indian food culture differs from one state to another. Check out the differing food habits of the people living in this country.

• People belonging to the coastal areas of West Bengal and Kerala consume fish and make it their basic food. Since South experiences warm weather almost throughout the year, people living down South avoid consuming meat that can be hot.

• The food culture you will find among people of Northern India is different as what you find in South. The food in the North is greasy and spicy. From scorching heat to extremely low temperature, this part of the country experiences extremes with intermittent showers. So, the taste buds have undergone changes accordingly.

• Since places like Rajasthan and Gujarat are dry, you will find food that substitutes fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is clear from the above that taste buds of people get molded depending on the prevailing climatic conditions. This is evident from the food culture that has changed over decades in all countries around the globe.

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