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Foods on Festivals

Preparing different types of foods on festivals is common. And irrespective of which festival you are celebrating, it has become very common to associate good food with a festival. The food we eat on a festival is more or less what we and our forefathers have been eating for years. However, what we eat now may be variation of the ones our grandparents had several years ago. An important trend that has set in is that food habits have changed over the years to suit the climatic conditions and lifestyle.

Foods on festivals to enhance your festive mood on New Year’s Eve

For instance, New Year is celebrated with great and pomp and show in all the countries. Let us find out the foods on festivals that widely grace the tables of the people from around the globe on this day.

• In southern United States, the party goers have black eyed peas. These it is assumed is sure to bring good luck to the person who eats them. Not only that it is assumed that the peas will make the New Year a happy one.

• The Jewish eat apples on the eve of New Year. These apples are usually dipped into honey before consuming

• In Spain, on the eve of New Year, when the final countdown begins, people celebrate by popping into their mouth grapes. It is expected to bring happiness in the upcoming year.

• In Greece, people often bake a cake which has a coin inside it. The individual who will get the coin will experience health, wealth and happiness in the New Year.

There are various other ways in which foods on festivals are prepared which have a significant meaning attached to it.

Foods on festivals – Christmas Eve in different countries

Just as food prepared on festivals differ from one country to another on the New Year’s Eve, let us find out what happens on Christmas Eve in some of the places across the globe.

• Americans celebrate Christmas by preparing food that can range from a chicken to a turkey. It can also be goose or ham.

• Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday is celebrated more or less during the same period as Christmas. On this day, latkes which are cooked in oil are consumed.

• While Americans will celebrate their Christmas by eating meat, the Italians prefer to celebrate their Christmas Eve without any meat. So, they essentially have food that is meatless. They have zuppa di pesce which is a fish preparation instead.

• Irish people consume oyster stew on Christmas Eve

The different foods on festivals prepared differ from one country to another. But statistics reveals that food on festivals is usually quite fattening and can add to your existing weight. So, make merry but at the same time restrict your calories so that you can enjoy many festive occasions in the years to come.


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