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Christmas Food

Food is the most delicious feature of Christmas. The celebration of Christmas goes incomplete without cakes and cookies. Cakes in spite of being the most traditional Christmas food is still the most popular food to mark this special day. Christmas celebration varies with geography and the meal accompanying this great day varies too. Champagne is a traditional Christmas drink. Around the world, special beers of great taste and strength are enjoyed on the day of Christmas.

“The day following ‘Thanksgiving’ marks the beginning of the Christmas season which means tons of traditional Christmas foods”. Everyone has his/her own variations to add to these Christmas foods, but few of them remain common to all. Some of the traditional Christmas foods which are everyone’s favorites are:

• Cookies
• Cakes
• Eggnog
• Meat

Traditional Christmas dinners mostly include a meat like Turkey. Assorted pies like apple pie, pumpkin, mincemeat, chocolate and lemon meringue pie are served in front of Christmas diners. Last but not the least beverages like eggnogs, coffee and tea are served.

Let’s take an insight into some of the Christmas foods specific for some countries:

• Australia: In Australia, Christmas food often includes barbeque of chicken, steak and prawns which is complemented with ice creams and desserts. 

• Germany: The Christmas meal in Germany mainly includes a roast goose which is accompanied by pickles, carrots and cabbage.

• Greenland: Little Auks wrapped in seal skin is the favorite Christmas meal in Greenland.

• South Africa: In spite of the hot and humid weather, Turkey is often eaten on the day of Christmas.

• Portugal: Salted dry cod-fish with boiled potatoes is usually offered on the Christmas Eve.

• France: The Christmas dinner is complemented with thirteen dessert items, thus representing Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles.

• Lithuania:  The Christmas dinner comprises of twelve different dishes which represents the twelve apostles and the twelve months of the year.

• United Kingdom: Roasted turkeys with roasted potatoes followed by a delicious pudding are some of the main ingredients of a Christmas menu.

• Poland: Different mouth-smacking cakes and cookies are prepared for this day. They are prepared well in advance. Grandma's Butter Bowtie Cookies, Babka z Rumem - Rum Baba, Piernik - Honey Cake and Barszcz - Clear Beetroot Soup (Borscht) are the cookies especially meant for this day.

These were some of the Christmas dishes eaten around the different parts of the world. 

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