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Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving day… the very first thing which occurs in your mind when we hear the phrase is the amazing food items. Even though, turkey plays the main role in thanksgiving food, but you can have a number of accompaniments along with thanksgiving turkey. Traditionally, the turkey is the main focus of thanksgiving dinner and for this reason, Thanksgiving Day is also called the Turkey day. The Thanksgiving Day food includes pickles, green olives, oyster stew, cranberry sauce, creamed asparagus tips, baked carrots, snowflake potatoes, fruit salad, hot rolls, fruit cake, candies, various fruits, drip coffee and cigars. Given below are some traditional thanksgiving foods:

• Turkey: Turkey is the main food in thanksgiving dinner. It is so big that after the meal, you can find a good amount of leftovers. The thanksgiving turkey is generally stuffed with bread stuffing, which includes dressing, chopped celery, onions and carrots. The dressing or sage is the main herb, which is being used in the stuffing. Thanksgiving turkeys can be roasted, fried or baked. Fried turkeys are gaining huge popularity while the roasted turkeys make the traditional thanksgiving dinner. The turkey is served on the largest plate on the table at the center of the decoration.

• Vegetarian alternative to Turkey: Turkey is the ideal thanksgiving food but what would happen if you have vegetarian guests in your home during the festival? You can not serve then chicken or duck or goose. For vegetarians and vegans, you can try tofurkey. Tofurkey is a tofu based dish, which is made imitating the turkey style.

• Accompaniments to Turkey: Thanksgiving Day is celebrating with a number of side dishes apart from the turkey. Cranberry sauce, gravy and dressing… these three are the main accompaniments to the turkey. Besides that, there are much more on the dinner table, when it comes to thanksgiving side dishes. Among other side dishes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, mashed potatoes, rice, sausages and roasted corns are the major ones.

• Thanksgiving Pie: No meal is complete without sweet dishes and so is any celebration. Likely, Thanksgiving dinner can not be completed without the Thanksgiving pie. Generally, people go for home made apple pies on the occasion, but you can try any flavor you want.

• Thanksgiving Drinks and Beverages: Even though drinks and beverages pay a vital role in thanksgiving food, but they still are considered as the side dish. The choice of the beverages mainly depends on your taste. You can sip cocktails or spirits before starting the meal. During meals, you can have wine or apple cider. These are the alcoholic drinks and beverages. For children and non-alcoholics, non-alcoholic beverages are served. In some countries, the people drink sweetened or flavored iced tea during meals.

The main aim to celebrate Thanksgiving Day is to celebrate the togetherness along with your family members. Together with each other, they thank for all the things, which they shared in past years. And celebrating and enjoying the day with your favorite thanksgiving food makes it even more memorable.


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