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Food and Fitness

The connection between food and fitness can never be denied, since there is always the calorie-meter, which links these two. Food provides us with the required energy, fondly called calorie, which in turn is very much responsible for our fitness. Now, what are the factors needed for a healthy well being? Healthy food, adequate sleep, workout schedule- all play an equal role in your fitness. With the wanting with any one of the aforementioned factors, you may face a lack in your overall fitness.

Some healthy foods; Choose fibers over fat: A four-year-old kid may also know that high fiber foods are the best for us. But when it comes to our food choice, we end up satisfying our tongue rather than our metabolism. Some healthy foods which are great for the fitness are banana, beef, broccoli, beans, brown rice, carrot juice, low fat cheese, corn, chicken, dried fruit, fig bars, kiwi, oranges, papaya, potato, salmon, grapes, egg-whites, beans, vegetable salads, lentils, skim milk, oatmeal, fat free yogurt, green tea and last but not the least, water. All these food items are easily available and are great in terms of food value. But they can retain best of their nutrition, if cooked in low flame and if are boiled or least fried. 

Whatever, you eat throughout the day, make sure to add plenty of vegetables and fruits in your daily meal. According to American cancer Society, every adult should have five servings each day. So you should try to include more and more vegetables and fruits in all the five servings in your diet. Try to eat a bowl of boiled vegetables once a day. If you go for non-veg for your dinner or lunch, stick to chicken or beef, while avoiding any red meat.

Caffeine is harmful for your healthy, if consumed in an excess quantity. Green tea, which tastes great without sugar or milk can create magic for your fitness. Vegetable or chicken soup can make a great appetite. And last of all, pay close attention to the cooking oil and its quantity. The lesser the oil, the healthier you can keep it. Even if you have to fry your foods, try olive oil. Olive oil, even though a bit expensive, can help you burn calories easily, compared to other oils.

Fitness Regime: Fitness does not always mean slim and sleek, rather it refers to how a person is coping up with his/her daily schedule, weight and height. But whatever healthy you are eating; your balanced diet cannot make wonders without regular workout. Every person should adopt a regular exercise routine in order to keep him/her fit. These exercises can help the calories to burn faster, which in turn results in your improved fitness level. Just chalk out a food and fitness planner. If you like light weight exercises, then try walking, jogging, free hand exercises, yoga etc. But if you prefer sweat-storming, try gym, outdoor sports or power yoga. Set short-term goals and check whether you are making any improvement or not. Always make sure you are following a healthy diet along with a regular exercise regime.

Food and fitness are intricately intertwined in terms of calorie-meter. Eat healthy and fresh, never forget to exercise regularly and always keep a track of your calorie consumption. It’s nowhere written that you have to be slender to be fit or fat to be unfit. At the end of the day, it is overall health, which matters the most.

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