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Food menus vary widely in different cultures around the world.  Food menus that are simple to cook, yet taste great find a special place in any country’s cuisine. From east to west there are multiple menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food menus reveal a country’s rich culinary heritage. Different countries have different menus - ranging from fast food to main course. Food menus of a particular region depend greatly on the eating habits of the people living there. Availability of ingredients also plays a major role in deciding the food menus of a particular location. For instance, a country which is surrounded by great water bodies; fish forms the main ingredient of that country’s cuisine.

"Have Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper". We all agree with this saying. Breakfast in every country includes some cereals, fresh fruits and dairy products. Let’s look at some of the breakfast menus in different parts of the world.

• USA: Some Americans prefer heavy foods for breakfast, while some skip breakfast entirely. Most of the American breakfasts include toasted bread, roll, and muffins with some cheese or yoghurt. Some American breakfasts which are cold cereal based include a bowl doused with milk with additions of fruit chunks like strawberries and raisons. Poached eggs and omelets are also a part of an American breakfast.

• Singapore: A Singaporean breakfast usually involves fried noodle with egg or sandwiches. There are some local favorites like bean curd, sweet soup like black glutinous rice porridge or green/red bean soup. It is a common trend among the students to skip breakfast.

• Hong Kong: Their breakfast consists of Hong-Kong style milk tea, coffee or yuen yeung served with bread, ham, fried eggs and a bowl of macaroni soup with ham.

Lunch being the mid-day meal, is the main meal for most of the countries. Lunch menus usually involve more than one course in most of the countries. Let’s explore the lunch menus of some countries.

• UK: UK lunch menus include some delicious dishes like warm roast strip loin beef, hot grilled chicken breast, mushrooms with some salads.

• Philippines: Lunch is usually the largest meal in Philippines. ‘Tinapa’, a smoke cured fish along with a bowl of rice is a popular lunch of Philippines. ‘Mereinda’ is a light meal taken during lunch.

• Japan: Rice is the most important food of Japanese cuisine. A bowl of rice with a raw egg and Soya sauce is one of the popular lunch menus of Japan. Other lunch dishes of Japan are: ‘sushi’, ‘domburi’, ‘sashimi’, ‘soba’, ‘udon’ and ‘sukiyaki’.

Dinner has often being referred as the largest meal of the day; even it’s taken at the end of the day. Let’s take an insight into the dinner menus of some countries.

• Canada: A traditional Canadian dinner includes salt beef, cooked cabbage, papri and homemade pease pudding.

• France: A French dinner often consists of three main courses. ‘Hors d'oeuvre or entrée, plat principal (main course), and a cheese course or dessert are three main courses. They are sometimes offered with a salad.

• Vietnam: A typical Vietnamese dinner would include meat, fish or seafood with a bowl of rice. Vegetables that are steamed, stir-fried or pickled are also served for dinner.

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