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Party Food

Our hectic lifestyle has made us so mechanical that we just need an excuse to break free from the everyday chores and make room for some fun filled evenings. Party time essentially is a time when you just let your hair down and spend valuable time with your near and dear ones.

If it isn’t a family party you are participating in, it is probably a formal gathering that requires you to be present on the occasion. And a party without food is incomplete. So, pamper yourself with little lip smacking party food. Ranging from a birthday to an official gathering, people fond of food explore the different recipes that are dished out.

How will you choose party food?

Choosing the right kind of party food is crucial. This is because you may prepare a dish that majority of your guests don’t eat. So, you have to choose the right food for your party. Make sure you are aware of the tastes of your guests. Keep in mind the number of vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians you have called over.

Although spicy food is liked by all, everyone may not be comfortable with greasy food. So, prepare your menu keeping these factors in mind. You can host a party for a number of reasons. It may be an informal party or an official gathering. Either way, you have to keep the interest of your guests in mind.

How to select menu for party food?

Depending on the occasion, you can start with appetizers. The number of dishes you are preparing will depend on how much time you have. It doesn’t make sense in hurling up your dishes and tablecloth when your guests are at your doorstep. Stay calm and avoid any last minute anxiety or rush.

Commonly served Party Food

You can categorically work out the menu for party food. Choose more than one option from all the categories and depending on the availability of time and ingredients, settle for the one that will not strain you or drain you of all your energy. Remember, you are the host and you cannot afford to appear before your guests with bags below your eyes!


Some of the appetizers you can serve for your guests include the following –

• Cheese balls made of bacon cheddar
• Mushroom stuffed crabs
• Crescent rolls
• Baked nachos
• Jalapeno muffins
• Taco nachos grilled
• Rolls made from poppy seeds
• Sandwiches with ham and cheese stuffing


Beverages are a part and parcel of party food. You can prepare the following for your party. They are –

• Cocktail made from beer
• Lemonade
• Tea made of raspberry etc

Main course

The main course has to be well planned out too. Check out the dishes that you can prepare for your guests.

• Beef tenderloins
• Pork medallions
• Chicken root beer
• Glazed ham
• Cheese with macaroni etc


Party food without dessert is incomplete. Prepare the following desserts for your guests. These include –

• Caramel cupcakes
• Cheesecake
• Chocolate pizza
• Fresh fruit pudding
• Sugar swirls etc

In addition to the above, you can add to your party food menu different types of salads, side dishes, snacks etc.

It is often said that an individual first eats with his eyes and then with his mouth. If the food you serve doesn’t look inviting, it may not be liked by your guests. So, prepare party food which also appears inviting.


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