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Popular Indian Food

Diversity is the catch word in Indian cuisine. It consists of a variety of lip smacking dishes and the variations are as diverse as its ethnicity. Indian food is known to use a variety of spices and different types of ingredients.

Popular Indian food has won accolades worldwide

Popular Indian food is found worldwide and is much acclaimed. Statistics reveal that approximately 70% of the population in the United Kingdom is fond of popular Indian food. They either have it in restaurants or cook it at home.

Consumers have shelled out approximately 1.7 billion pounds sterling on take away Indian food and at Indian restaurants last year. And studies suggest that there has been a growth of 45% in the last 5 years in sale of Indian food in the UK. 

10 most popular Indian dishes

The list of popular Indian food is never ending. But some of the popular ones are mentioned below –

1. Tandoori chicken
2. Butter chicken
3. Malai Kofta
4. Chick pea curry
5. Hilsa fish curry made of mustard paste
6. Mutton curry
7. Palak paneer
8. Tarka dal
9. Matar paneer
10. Rajma etc

Popular Indian ingredients used in food

The fact that Indian food is tasty and loved all over the world can be attributed to the innumerable ingredients that are used in preparing the same. Some of the widely used ingredients are as follows-

1. Ghee – This is butter that is clarified
2. Amsool or Kokum – A dry fruit red in color and is sour
3. Khoya or Mawa –Milk is boiled till it is made into paste
4. Panner – Cottage cheese
5. Dahi or curd
6. Malai – Fresh cream
7. Besan – Gram flour
8. Pohe – Boiled husked rice
9. Gud- Jaggery
10. Raitas – Small pieces of vegetables or fruits mixed with yoghurt
11. Buttermilk – Obtained by churning curdled fresh cream and mixed with a little curd
12. Atta – Wheat flour
13. Rawa – Semolina
14. Masala – Spices which are ground
15. Peanuts that are crushed – E.g. roasted nuts which are powdered

Popular Indian spices used in Indian food

When we talk about popular Indian food, spices cannot be left out. Spices make Indian food what they are and with the right proportion of each (as applicable in the dishes); it can make a lot of difference in the taste. In fact using these spices in the correct proportion is by itself an art in addition to cooking. Find below some of the widely used Indian spices.

1. Garam Masala
2. Black pepper
3. Red chilli powder
4. Coriander powder
5. Cardamon
6. Cumin
7. Mustard grains
8. Paprika
9. Ginger
10. Cloves
11. Cumin seeds
12. Saffron
13. Nutmeg
14. Curry powder
15. Kasoori methi etc

Indian food in the North is different from the food found in South

Indian food has many variations and they differ from one place to another. The spices and the ingredients used in the popular Indian food vary from one state to another. However, the food habits of the people depend on the climatic conditions of a particular region.

Popular North Indian food

You can expect the following in a typical North Indian meal –

• Chapatis or rotis/parathas
• Assortment of fried vegetables, dals, curries
• Chutneys and pickles
• Non vegetable dish
• Dessert consisting of sandesh, rasgullas, gulab jamuns etc

Popular South Indian food

South Indian food will consist mainly of the following –

• Non-greasy, steamed and roasted stuff
• Rice is the main food
• Side dishes include rasam, curried vegetables, sambhar, pachadi which is a preparation of curd.
• Dosa or rice pancakes
• Idli
• Appams
• Dessert will consist of payasum or Mysore pak.

Preparing popular Indian food requires attending to details about using the right proportion of the spices and the ingredients. Cooking Indian food is an art that is mastered with patience and practice.




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