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Food Quality

Any food is judged by its quality. In fact, food quality is an essential requirement, which should be properly maintained in favor of the consumers, because the consumers can be affected by any kind of contamination, occurred during the food processing. So food ingredients and hygienic way of cooking is always recommended to retain good quality in foods. Food quality depends on external and internal factors. Among the external food quality deciding factors, appearance, flavor and texture play the key role, while in internal factors, chemical, microbial and physical considerations are included.

Apart from this, there are some other factors which play a vital role in food quality. They are discussed below:

• Traceability of ingredients: Every food item should maintain its traceability in terms of the ingredients, to ensure complete information to the consumers. Any packaged food should contain all the materials along with their quantity used in it.

• Traceability of packaging: The traceability of packaging is also very important to judge the quality of the contents. You need to check the expiry date on the package and it should contain all the detailed information on the ingredients and their nutritional information.

How to maintain food quality in house

Now, these are some aspects, which you have to take care when it comes to buy food items from the market. Have you ever thought how you can restore good food quality in your house? Whether it is only to save money or you just have a habit to buy in bulk, the issue of food storage in household should also come into consideration, when it comes to food quality. You must be agreeing that even if you want to retain good quality, the foods often get spoiled. The ants on your cereal, is a common picture to cite in this regard. How can you store high quality foods in your house then? Here are some tips for you:

• Once bought from the market, never forget to repack dry foods. First of all, empty the contents into a good quality container with a zipper seal.

• Repack unopened canned foods in high quality bags and store them in refrigerator.

• Repack the meats in heavy duty bags and always store them in freezer.

• Always keep a close eye on the expiry dates.

• If you notice any bad smell from any stored food item, feel free to throw them away.

• Always check the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator. According to Food and Drug Administration, the ideal temperature for freezer and refrigerator are 0 degree Fahrenheit and 40 degree Fahrenheit respectively.

• Food items should never be stored along with chemicals like pest control products and house cleaners.

Good quality foods always play a pivotal role in our overall health. Whether it is packaged food or home-made foods, if you smell anything unhygienic, don’t be hesitant to throw it in the dustbin. Never think of the costs and prioritize your health.

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