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“A food recipe is a set of instructions or advice for preparing food”. Food recipes require maximum accuracy with negligible ambiguity. They should be very detailed as omitting one step can be really disastrous and can leave the cook frustrated and confused. Food recipes are greatly helpful in occasional get-togethers. “A recipe can play an important part in culinary reproduction, as when a delighted guest takes home a copy.” Although a cooking recipe is a powerful instrument, but it will never be able to replace the actual experience. Sometimes it is a good literature read only for pleasure.

It is a well-known belief that recipes often include ingredients, which are not readily available. So, recipe writers of the present generation restrict themselves to the readily available ingredients. Recipe-based cooking involves some excellent compositions over untouched foods.

Traditional recipes needed less detail as cooks had command of the techniques. Ancient food recipes reflect the culinary heritage of a particular country or location. For instance, some of the ancient Chinese recipes dated 2500 years back reflect the food tastes of Chou dynasty. These recipes list the main ingredients, the basic steps and the names of some of the forgotten foods. The oldest recipe collections of Europe were written by Greeks at the end of the fifth century. ‘The Art of Cookery’- by Maithaikos of Syracuse is one of the oldest cookery books. 

Vegetable food recipes involve a lot of green vegetables. Every country has great, yet different vegetable recipes. They are very easy to prepare. These food recipes are the key solutions for maintaining a healthy life-style. Some of the famous vegetable recipes which are nearly everyone’s favorites are:

• Vegetarian Chili
• Vegetarian Casserole
• Vine Ripened Tomatoes Provencal
• Vegetarian Tomato Hash
• Vegetable noodle soup

Non-vegetarian recipes find a distinct place in majority of cuisines in the world. The non-vegetarian dishes mainly include chicken, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, beef and turkey. In spite of their great tastes, these dishes are the great sources of vital nutrients. Every country has their own recipes which stand apart in their taste and flavor.

Let’s explore some of the world famous non-vegetarian recipes.

• Tofu Egg Curry
• Sea Crab Curry
• Chili Chicken
• Baked Crab
• Beef Roast
• Oyster Bake
• Pork Cutlet
• Stuffed Fish
• Pepper Prawns

Desserts are an integral part of the majority of cuisines in the world. Each country has its own list of mouth-smacking desserts. They range from appetizers to the main course of a menu. Desserts are usually served at the end of the meal. Let’s look at some of the delicious dessert recipes.

• Hot Lemon Tart
• Apricot Pudding
• Yummy Chocolate Pudding
• Apple Amber
• American Apple Pie
• Classic Custard Tart
• Syrup Date Tart
• Apple Dumplings


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