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The food retailing industry has changed a lot with time. The whole food industry is now on a roller coaster ride, as food retailing has really come of age. Earlier, there was a period when foods were sold in roadside small shops. But now the consumers have the opportunity to check and select the food items from supermarkets. Modern food retailing not only provides the customers with a more comfortable ambience but also offers feasible price. For this reason, grocery shopping is no longer a strenuous job; rather it has become a more enjoyable experience for the whole family. Just imagine yourself shopping the retailed food items in an air-conditioned atmosphere, enjoying light music on the background! Only a food retailing store can give you the comfort while shopping.

Now, you must be wondering that these supermarkets only sell luxury items. Isn’t it? No, your perception is wrong. From cooking oil to sugar, from rice to pasta, from packaged chicken to fresh vegetable, you can find anything and everything in these stores. Initially, the food retailing outlets were found in big cities. But presently almost all cities have their won retail outlets.

Food retailing also plays a revolutionary role in the lifestyle of people around the world, as discussed below:

• Changes life style: Food retailing industry has reached such a point that it has completely changed our life style. It provides us with all food products under one roof along with comfortable atmosphere and affordability.

• Increased need for convenience: Since these retail outlets offer maximum comforts while shopping, they certainly increase our need for more and more convenience.

• Growing disposable income: With the increment of disposable income, people hardly care if they have to spend a few bucks more on groceries. And moreover, with more and more working women in families, the net family income is automatically raised.

• Impact of western lifestyle in eastern counties: The concept of food retailing originated in western countries. The young generation of the eastern countries like India is mostly influenced by the fashionable life style of western world.

• Increased use of cards: Since food retailing chains let you use your debit cards and credit cards for shopping, you don’t need to carry hard cash with you. Your shopping experience hence becomes more hassle free.

Food retailing has five subcategories:

• Food bank
• Food market
• Food services occupations
• Grocers
• Wine retailers

There are many business-houses in food retailing industry which operate around the globe. Given below are some examples:

Top Food Retailing Companies

• Walmart: This food retailer is successfully running in North America and China.

• Tesco: Tesco is one of the most successful food retailers in the world. Even though it originates and operates only in UK, it is planning to enter North America very soon.

• Aeon: This Japanese company is among the top ten food retailers around the world.

• Costco: Costco retailing chain is present in seven nations presently. Their products are known for their top quality.

• Safeway: This US retailing company is run with Canadian operations. Their main focus is on British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

• Edeka: This number one German company also operates in Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, and Denmark.

• Supervalu: It has more than 800 stores in over 39 states in the US. This company operates under eight different banners.

• CSWG: This is the second largest US food retailing company.

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