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Seasonal Food

Seasonal food is no longer seasonal these days as you will find them round the year. Thanks to the supermarkets, glasshouses etc which make sure that these foods are found throughout the year. Although supermarkets and glasshouses will make it possible for you to find your favorite summer fruit in winter and vice versa but is it really a good option to get seasonal foods throughout the year Doesn’t it snatch away or deprive us of the charm we had for the seasonal food

Frankly speaking, you lose the excitement which you used to have while waiting for the seasons that would bring along with it its best stuff. That longing fades away. This is because you get seasonal food around the year.


What are the advantages of buying seasonal food

There are several advantages of buying seasonal food. Some of them are mentioned below –

 It is more nutritious. If you are required to store food for longer periods or transport it to distant places, the concentration of Vitamin C is lost. So, buying seasonal food is much better

 It is tastier. And food in glasshouses are usually tasteless and bland


 It helps you to try more number of traditional recipes which was a common scenario when we relied completely on the food available in respective seasons, unlike the ones that are available in supermarkets today.

 It is economical. You don’t need to transport seasonal food to another country or import some from another.


What are the disadvantages of buying seasonal food

Just as there are advantages of buying seasonal food, you will come across few disadvantages too. Given below are the same.

 It can lead to monotony. You may have to eat the same variety of foods throughout the season. You may long for a fruit in winter which is available only in summer.

 In some cases you may have to store food to protect it from frost. For example, potatoes need to be stored. They are stored either in cold storage or covered with straw on the ground.

 There are times when you may not get seasonal food at all.

Adopt a middle path

How can you adopt a middle path as far as enjoying seasonal food is concerned If you want to enjoy winter as well as summer specific foods throughout the year, you can store fruits or vegetable in various forms.

You can store food in the traditional way. If you want to enjoy that favorite vegetable (red cabbage for example) throughout the year, you can do so by pickling. In case of fruits, you can either freeze them or make it into chutneys and store until the next season.


Common recipes of Seasonal Food in Summer

You can prepare the following dishes in summer-

 Halibut grilled with Green sauce
 Food cake
 Summer prawn salad
 Mango noodle salad
 Salad made of tomato, avocado and mozzarella
 Strawberry puree and panna cotta etc


Common recipes of Seasonal Food in Winter

The following recipes are common in winter. Check them out.

 Beef goulash
 Arugula salad. Mix it with goat cheese and beets
 Roasted beef
 Turkey legs
 Beer and beef stew etc

Irrespective of which season it is, you can now enjoy seasonal foods round the year. You have options to either store them in the traditional way or buy it from supermarkets.

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