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Health Associations

A health association is a non-profit organization committed to the quality health care and services for the poor and elderly people. All over the world there are many health care associations. They are basically the professional organizations that impart training and research facilities to the variety of health professionals. Several health associations publish biannual, quarterly or monthly health journals.  They are also responsible for providing license to the practitioners. The health associations are categorized on the basis of specialties and national affiliations. Let’s look at the health associations categorized on the basis of varied health problems.

  • Mental health association
  • Optometric health associations
  • Psychological health associations
  • Heart associations
  • Diabetes associations
  • Cancer associations

Some of the well-known health associations are listed below:

World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) - They are mainly dedicated towards promoting good health.

Some of the important missions of WFPHA are:

  • Providing optimum public health systems.
  • Equal and free access to all public health care systems.
  • Ensuring clean and pollution-free air.
  • Eradicating all weapons of destruction.
  • Providing the basic needs of life to all individuals.
  • Imparting training and research facilities to the health professionals.
  • Improving the health conditions of people.
  • Removing disparities and inequalities.
  • Recognizing the different cultures of people.
  • Providing compulsory education to everyone.

European Health Association

“The European Public Health Association (EUPHA) is an organization that brings together public health associations and institutes in Europe.” It was initially founded by 15 members in 1992. But, presently EUPHA has nearly 67 members from 40 countries. They are committed towards the following goals:

  • Providing common platform for all health professionals engaged in research and practice.
  • Encouraging research in public health practice in Europe.
  • Acting as a connecting point between health professionals and policy makers.
  • Promoting European joint research and other similar activities in the area of public health services in Europe.

Each year EUPHA organizes a conference gathering all the health experts of Europe. The conferences are an ideal platform for exchanging research information. These conferences try and attract attention on some important themes like: food and nutrition, prevention and safety measures against injuries, promotion of health, proper utilization of medicines, serious ailments and many more.

National Health Association

The main motto of National Health Association is to make every one aware of the great benefits of healthy living. They are committed towards promoting the benefits of plant-based diet, regular exercise and leading a stress-free life. Each year many conferences are held to impart knowledge on various health issues. Some of which are:

  • Childhood health
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Great benefits of fasting
  • Role of exercise
  • Healthy recipes
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Vegetarianism

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